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Miraculous OC Generator! (22,366)
Miraculous!-ly make your own superhero to fight with Ladybug and Chat!
Onepunch-Man Hero Generator (62,675)
congratulation on becomin a superhero 1/9/16 EDIT: added more things
You in MCU (13,453)
So... you want to be in the MCU? I heard you want your superpower and want to become a superhero. Or...
What&039;s your superpower? (10,268)
if you could have one
Your Furry Hero (10,141)
When danger strikes, which furry hero will come to your rescue?
You are a SUPERHERO~ (3,178)
What would your superhero name be? (You can pretty much guess the power with the name).
Your super power/weakness (2,823)
What is your super power and your weakness
Hero or Villan (and name) (2,729)
Are you a superhero or a villan? What's ur power? Whats ur name?
Superhero (2,707)
What kind of superhero are you?
Your Batman level (2,005)
How much of a Batman material are you?
Your Furry Hero in Peril (1,945)
After you've met your furry hero (in https://en.shindanmaker.com/638992), see which perils he&#...
What is your special power? (1,889)
You are bestowed a power with which to save the world.... better hope its a good one
Superhero Generator (1,856)
Generates a costume and super powers! (Updated)
Your superhero name! (1,714)
One Punch Man Class Test (1,610)
You have taken the Superhero Test, NOW SEE WHAT CLASS YOU GOT RANKED AS.
young avenger husband/wife (1,275)
which young avenger will you marry?!
your superhero self (1,129)
find out your superhero side
Super Hero (842)
What is your heroic - or villainous - career like?
What Marvel/DC Superhero are u (810)
Your Life As A DC Hero (785)
Find out what your life would be like if you were a hero in the DC universe. This quiz does not incl...
What Marvel Superhero Are You (723)
Your Mutants & Masterminds Character... (679)
STRength | AGIlity | FiGHting | AWarEness CONstitution | DEXterity | INTellect | PREsence -5 = Feebl...
Superhero Love and Marry (639)
Which hero will you make love to and then marry?
What&039;s Your Super Hero Name and Powe... (537)
Find out which power and name you'd have as a super hero.
Mega Superhero/Villain name generator (492)
The biggest generator of super human names that you could find
Superhero Powers (456)
Enjoy your power.
Avengers Academy (432)
Who is your favorite character to boss around
What must happen to unlock your final fo... (379)
Something must happen to trigger your final form. That is what you are here to discover. No one know...
What emotional spectrum corps would recr... (348)
Would the Green Lantern ring choose you?
My Power Ranger Battle (329)
Which Power Ranger are you? Who do you fight? And do you manage to save the day?
Which Miraculous Ladybug character are y... (300)
Possible spoilers for season 1 included in results. Superhero/civilian identities revealed (canon or...
0 by @ylwprl
Be the Superhero (285)
fight crime, save lives, etc.
DC Legends team (268)
Cool game
What kind of superhero/villain are you? (251)
What will your powers be?
You’re a marvel character! (241)
A remake of my dc character gen, but now with marvel characters!
Superhero Who Saves Your Life (237)
Who is going to save your life
Your Superpower (216)
Here You Can Find Your Inner Power
Superhero Yourself (204)
Which kind of superhero are you?
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Character (186)
Your favorite character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance
What Kinda Power Ranger are you? (148)
What color would you be, what theme would your team be? Are you gay or European?!! Many questions an...
Who are you in a Tokusatsu/Jpnese Superh... (140)
Find out what character you are in a toku show.
Skunk Superhero (97)
What kind of skunk superhero are you? Let's find out!
You’re a dc character! (84)
So you’re a dc character now. Here’s your info and story!
Marvel Prompts (80)
The amazingly random prompts for the best superhero company ever.
The Incredibles - Oc Maker (67)
Your Oc superhero in The Incredibles! I'm bored!
0 by @pEri0td
Superhero Gen (66)
some superhero generator
Generador de personajes con poderes (63)
Con esta variable puedes crear un personaje aleatorio con poderes aleatorios de lo mas variopintos.
Tu en super heroe (39)
Cuales serian tus cualidades de super heroe?
BZ (3)
Cool superhero nice leader he is also a furry
Aakifah (3)
Funny, determined
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