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1 Like 1 Thing (42,762)
Post to twitter and get free likes, also feel free to personalize your diagnosis
Personality Alignment- cursed edition (420,994)
find out how cursed, uwu, soft, horny, feral, baby, chaotic and stupid you are
Your Personal Weapon (189,638)
Generates a random weapon with its own stats, element, name and more.
Protogen fursona Generator (4,030)
A simple generator for a protogen fursona
Random OC Generator [somewhat-specific] (52,722)
Includes -Age -Gender -Race/Species -Ethnicity -Sexuality -Hair Color -Eye Color -Height & We...
Your Monstersona (10,216)
wanna make a monster, dunno how to start? use this generator
Furry Character Creator (102,447)
Enter a name - or yours - and get a randomized, anthropomorphic character just for you! (Mythical c...
Intimacy stats! (NSFW) (86,049)
Get your personalized intimacy stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
Persona 5 Phantom Thief Character Genera... (62,410)
Your very own Phantom Thief! This generates a Phantom Thief from their codename to hair color. I rea...
fursona maker :3 (2,423)
find yr fursona!!!
Gemsona Ability (34,521)
You've tried the Maker and weapon, and you have Standard gem abilities, but what is your unique...
witchsona (213,064)
double, double, toil and trouble...
146 by @heartmush
Gemsona Maker (Steven Universe) (191,117)
randomizes your gem and its location!
31 cartoon
would you like to battle? (119,853)
a leadersona generator for all your leadersona needs!
59 by @heartmush
Anime personality (114,540)
What is your anime character personality?
21 you
Fursona OC Generator (94,873)
What will your animal OC look like?
What is your personality? (79,187)
Quirky personality test.
12    by @krubberz
Personality Test (76,206)
Don't be rude..... unless this Shindan says otherwise
Furry Personal Trainer (67,203)
You just hired a new personal trainer! Find out about him here.
Animal Crossing Villager Generator! (47,905)
Perfect if you want to create an AC design or find a villager persona!
17 acnl Games by @aonyx
Your personal award (30,060)
because everyone got their own award.
Romance stats! (28,169)
Get your personalized romance stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
Your Own Personal Butler (20,700)
Want a butler? Here, have one.
What&039;s your fursona (18,998)
Ever wanted to find your fursona
Your Brand New Fursona Generator! (18,760)
Not feeling yourself? Furry fandom got you down? Perhaps you need a hard reset on your fursona! A si...
What is your Persona? (18,694)
Diagnoses your Persona!
Your Personality (17,879)
your personality in scores
Your 「Persona」 Game (17,130)
what your own persona game would be like
7 Games by @jivke
Your elf persona (16,347)
High cheekbones n' pointy ears (probably too long)
Awaken Your Persona (16,118)
Embrace your rebellious spirit and awaken the trickster sleeping within your soul! (Persona 5 themed...
Your dadsona! (16,008)
Instantly generate your own dad OC!
What is your "hentai" trait? [... (15,053)
The girls in the fanservice rom-com anime "Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a perv...
Your Chuunibyou identity (14,734)
The secret persona you imagined while suffering from Chuunibyou
What kind of Paladin are you? (14,524)
Come to see what part of Voltron you are, what your bayard is and what kind of relationship you have...
Fursona Maker (13,448)
diagnoses your sterotypical fursona
Personality Chart lol (12,695)
What is ur personality balance? Find out here buddy :)
Get your Fursona Appraised (12,390)
We do fursona appraisals. Find out how much your fursona is worth!
IT&039;S YA BOY (12,095)
pokesona generator because i got pokemon moon a few days ago, and because i can.
What&039;s your Miracusona? (11,651)
Miracusona Generator - Change capitalization for different results
how much of bts are u (11,634)
dont take this seriously
Inner Giantess (10,774)
She drinks a glowing vial of time-release growth serum. It will bring out her inner giantess & p...
What kind of boobs do you have? (10,298)
What kind of boobs do you have?
What is your Persona and Arcana? (10,233)
"I am thou, Thou art I. From the sea of thy soul, I come..." Type in a name to get its Arc...
monstersona generator (9,798)
what kind of creature are you?
What is your shadow? (9,708)
What is your True Self like?
Reason of Arrest (9,655)
You're arrested because of...
Magical Girl Persona (9,518)
Find out who your magical girl persona is!
Spirit Furry (9,459)
What kind of furry were you truly meant to be?
Your Fantasy Persona (9,276)
Who would you be if you were a fantasy character?
Monster Girl persona! (9,243)
Find your monster girl self!
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