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OTP prompt generator (82,173)
Type in OTP/Pair/Character names! makes better sense if written ' character ' AND ' ...
OTP Drawing prompts (26,522)
Enter the name of your OTP, or a couple you like, for drawing prompts.
How canon is your OTP (25,534)
Input as: AxB, or AB.
7 Love
Who is your NCT otp? (19,245)
which one will you get!1!1
2 nct kpop
does your otp become canon (13,326)
can't wait to find out? input any ship to determine if it really happens in the end.
OTP Roleplay Drawing Promts (13,073)
Enter the name of your OTP, or a couple you like, for various roleplay drawing prompts
Your EXO OTP (11,215)
Shingeki no Pairing (11,207)
Your OTP
Ship Success Meter (10,956)
100 different, permanent, results for your shipping needs!
Some OTP drawing prompts!! (8,334)
Enter your otp for some cute and silly drawing prompts! Some may be nsfw.
Find out wich is your OTP of this anime show
Ship Success Meter 2.0 (7,626)
Results range from 0-100. For 1-100, see my other Ship Success Meter.
Discover your Homestuck OTP (7,089)
Find out your one true pairing
About Your OTP (6,111)
Wrote it A x B or AB for exsample: RikuYunoi or Riku x Yunoi
B.A.P OTP Perfect Match (5,920)
Enter your Favorite B.A.P member's name or your name to see yours or their perfect match!
Your secret Pokémon OTP (5,789)
We've all got one. Find out your's here!
Big Bang OTP (5,290)
Which Big Bang OTP do you ship?
whats your secret otp (5,288)
secret otp in homestuck
your ultimate exo otp (5,154)
who's your exo one true pairing?
1 exo kpop
SHIPS (4,639)
Hetalia OTP? (fake ver) (4,506)
This will tell you accurectly wich is your Hetalia OTP and no there's no bias!!
Your Love Live! OTP (4,147)
what is your love live OTP :^)
What is your Homestuck OTP? (3,949)
Determines the homestuck pairing that your heart most desires.
who is your bts otp :) (3,947)
i wonder
Will your OTP ever be cannon? (3,781)
Insert your otp
what should your svt otp be (2,955)
what should your svt otp be
VOCALOID pairing generator (2,865)
Will you find a decent pairing? A hilarious crack pairing? Or even an OTP? Let's see! (Includes UTAU...
Your Hetalia OTP (2,631)
Find your Hetalia OTP!
Your new OTP (2,353)
Find out your brand new OTP.
Meet Your EXO OTP ❤ (2,254)
young love in the streets (and in the sheets)
What RWBY paring should be your OTP? (2,252)
Better late then never! Find your OTP! https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/138747/94049145/RWBY-Ships-...
Touken Ranbu OTP Generator (2,006)
This is an OTP generator. Input your name and if you're lucky enough, your OTP will show up! If...
0 Games
Your Favorite OTP from Block B (1,931)
What is your favorite OTP from Block B?
Secret Homestuck OTP (1,891)
We all have our OTPs. But deep down in your heart, there's that one guilty ship, which you can't hel...
how ur otp becomes canon (1,865)
title speaks for itself
OTP fluff scene generator (1,781)
I don't know if this will make anything reasonable but let's do it for science ok?
Dangan Ronpa OTP (1,734)
Your new assigned Dangan Ronpa OTP
OTP scenario generator! (1,568)
Something for @Hijirikawaren and I to use when coming up with cosplay scenarios, but it works for dr...
Ur Dating Day with EXO-K OTP (1,560)
Diagnoses ur Dating Day w/ EXO xD
What is your danganronpa OTP (1,558)
Find out what is your otp I guess??¿??
animu match (1,528)
Enter your name to be matched to your animu otp
0 anime
Crazy Hetalia OTP's for you! (1,510)
Must LOOK up PICTURES!!!!!!
What song is best for your Parings? (1,496)
[Person 1 x Person 2] or their fandom shipped name thing My music tastes. Don't like it, I...
A song for your ships! (1,414)
Whether real or fictional. Songs are of the EDM/Indie genre Listen to them on YouTube! Or look up l...
Hypnosis Mic OTP (1,323)
This Shindan will expose your Hyp Mic OTP. Jiro and Saburo are not included.
OTP (1,269)
YOUR OTP ^.^ (1,226)
who ur otp
Your RWBY OTP should be..... (1,137)
:3 *Now has team cfvy!
Your Todd & Petunia OTP (1,129)
I know what you ship.
Your DMMD OTP! (1,122)
hell yea hell yea hell yea
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