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which kpop idol would fight you? (16,093)
and would you win?
Random idol (8,840)
A random idol for u (M&F)
What Is Your Kpop Stage Name? (65,497)
A brand new idol group is about to debut, featuring you! What is your awesome stage name??
your bts energy! (173,844)
find out which type of energy you radiate heehee
Who is your idol soulmate? (148,018)
Find out who you're compatible with
24 Kpop Beast
your career as a kpop idol (131,531)
see title!
how would u do in a produce 101 program (89,935)
whatever happens in the end just blame mnet
who is ur kpop idol soulmate (53,692)
there are two different outcomes to this diagnosis.
your role in a kpop idol group (51,508)
your kpop stereotype
14 kpop by @coelesti
Scandalous Kpop Life (49,895)
Your (dirty) life as a kpop idol~
ur stray kids compatibility ? (49,802)
is felix gonna fortnight dance w u or yeet u into the next existence? find out :)
Your Profile as a Kpop Idol (44,426)
What will your profile as an kpop idol??
Which KPOP idol are you? (38,230)
Which one are you?
Conversation with KPOP idol (37,424)
How you will meet your oppars etc (fangirls only)
14 kpop
ur compatibility with got7 ? (30,331)
let’s go shoebills ...
which kpop idol would be your enemy? (30,118)
ever wondered which idols you WOULDN'T get along with? find out here! includes a variety of bot...
KPOP Affairs (Male idols) (29,452)
For fangirls, be mentally prepared though. (Primarily SM Ent) *Please don't anti lol*
7 kpop
Who is your Love live waifu (28,201)
this is serious business
idol profile (27,597)
your profile as an idol group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. can find out your graduation reason here:...
Which Love Live! idol are you? (24,929)
Find out which μ's member you are!
Your Idol Statistics (23,773)
What are your Love Live vital statistics?
Your K-Pop Idol Life (23,455)
Your life as a K-Pop Idol
Kpop Duet (21,335)
What kpop idol are you going to sing a duet with and what will it be about
Your Kpop Idol Profile (20,284)
If you were in a Kpop group, what kind of idol would you be? (This is like my only serious Shindan s...
If you were a Kpop idol (19,578)
Random. For both boys and girls
Idol Unit Name Generator (17,422)
Confused as to what to name your unit? Maybe just need some inspiration? Or maybe you're just c...
School Idol Self-Insert Generator (16,551)
be your own best girl!
What Type of Idol Are You?? (16,079)
You're in a Korean idol group. This is your position. Get your tissue box ready.
Rainy day with Kpop idols (15,581)
Doing what, where and with whom will you spend a rainy day
Love Live! idol oc generator (15,551)
Find out how you'd look like in love live!
K-POP IDOL: Stats (15,359)
What are your stats as an idol?
Which Kpop Idol is Your Soulmate? (14,926)
Find out which kpop idol is your soulmate with this diagnostic.
Love Live - Love Confession (14,841)
Will your Love Live idol accept your confession of love?!
Enstars Idol Crush (14,736)
Who likes you and who do you like
What BTS song describes your 2020? (14,631)
Will you be an IDOL this year, or will you end up setting FIRE all year round?
Who is your (secret) Ensemble Stars Love... (14,612)
Forbidden Love between idol and producer!!!
Your Idol Profile (13,810)
If you were an idol, you'd be...
Your K-Pop Idol Life Quiz! (13,096)
See what your life would be like as a K-Pop idol!
School Idol Maker (11,953)
What kind of School Idol are you? (Love Live!)
Kpop prank call (11,104)
You're making prank calls on kpop idols
Date A (Love) Live (10,835)
What will your dream evening with your school idol waifu be like? (µ's/Aqours/A-RISE/Saint Snow...
what’s your GOT7 energy (9,985)
stan talent stan GOT7
Ensemble Stars Hot Spring Time! (9,805)
Time to perv on Enstars idols in the hot spring!
Enstars date (9,199)
you date the enstars idols, how does it go?
You as an Ensemble Stars! boy (8,021)
Diagnose what kind of an enstars idol you would be!
Your Life as an Idol (8,006)
You as an Idol
Your Kidol future (8,005)
See which type of kidol are you!
Murdered by an Idol (7,937)
Looks like you've possibly died at the hands of an idol. I wonder what happened... [Warning: co...
soft k-idols (boys ver) (7,833)
the boys are back in town (bts, exo, stray kids, 7oc, ptg, svt, nct (ot18), mx, day6, wanna one, ast...
Your personal enstarsona (7,758)
Discover your generated ensemble stars idol
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