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What Being are you? (2,565)
Are you a Supernatural being or not? Find out today!
Digi-Love Hunting (1,159)
Digimon Hunters only
Your scifi bounty hunter (492)
Generates a profile for a sci-fi bounty hunter - great for drawing!
Seraph Corruption (447)
Seraph Corruption from dA RP group death-hunters not owari no seraph or whatever the kids are into n...
Ghoul Corruption (281)
FROM dA RP GROUP DEATH-HUNTERS not tokyo ghoul just. just making that clear
What Region are you apart of? (241)
For Monster Hunters group!
0 by @Zakanakai
What being are you? (Revamp) (228)
This is similar to my previous one BUT it now has some new things, I just didn't want to change...
Shadowhunters (189)
who you are?
Mogami Ryouma dating sim (120)
how come you don't know who he is
Death Hunters...Death (79)
Your True Death-Hunters OTP! (55)
enter your name and see who you were destined to ship!
Your Eventual Death from the Identity V ... (40)
Who, in a match with who (your best friend), and probability of revival (at least in my story). No R...
Death Hunters AU (31)
0 by @sigalawin
Shadowhuntersona (28)
0 by @prdsrstte
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