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You as a Boss Fight (342,891)
ψ(`∇´)ψ When the protagonist comes to fight you, how will you measure up? (Includes stats chart)
Which Undertale Character are you? (36,014)
main characters and bosses only. Spoiler free.
Your Furry Male Boss Generator! (13,751)
It is known that every fur should be employed, but just who do you work for? Do you work for a sexy ...
Undertale Boss Stats - If You Were A Bos... (10,792)
If you were a boss, what would your stats be?
Dark Souls Boss Generator (9,824)
lvl 100 boss
Random boss generator (8,101)
Want a random idea for a video game boss? Look no further.
You as a Boss! (3,605)
How much ATK/ DEF/ HP do you have as a boss?
What is your Touhou theme? (2,494)
find out what stage and boss theme you'd have if you were in a Touhou game (already existing th...
Your Fire Emblem Reverse Harem (2,313)
Who's in your Harem? A word of warning: It's highly likely you'll get someone you don...
Which Undertale enemy are you? (2,228)
Out of the non-boss monsters you fight, that is.
You are the Final Boss. (2,053)
I saw someone facebook post and created this out of it. I will take these based off various video g...
Your Dark Souls boss (1,836)
What kind of Dark Souls boss would you be?
0 by @MastaLCom
Your boss stats (1,722)
This is what stats you would have as a boss
Ultimate Attack (1,380)
Diagnoses your Ultimate Attack for that Mega Tough Final Boss
Robot Master Generator (1,193)
Find out what Robot Master you should create and what their boss weapon would be.
What Robot Master Are You? (1,181)
Find out what mighty boss robot you'd be before getting your butt kicked by Mega Man!
Suddenly (1,007)
Have you been degraded to a Stage 1 boss in the latest Touhou Game? -You won't understand this Shind...
Your Touhou Boss Battle (966)
Find out what kind of Touhou boss you are! Includes stage, number of spellcards, what kind of youka...
Zelda Boss Title (878)
can you imagine if you were a zelda boss????
Darius Boss Maker (810)
Boss Fight (761)
What Boss are you fighting; why? What are your stats? And how do you defeat the boss? Find out NOW!!...
Who's your The BOSS husband? (693)
Find out who's gonna call you Master for the rest of his life!
Ya boss stats (677)
The stats you would have as a boss
What kind of RPG boss would you be? (V1.... (661)
What kind of RPG boss would you be? This generator includes: A (generic) title and the place where y...
The boss&039;s lunch (542)
It's your first day at your new job. Out of nowhere, you get called in by your boss to go in hi...
Your Final Boss Stats! (531)
You're a final boss! What are your stats?
Avengers Academy (492)
Who is your favorite character to boss around
Random Boss Encounter! (491)
Enter your name to encounter a random boss! Come back tomorrow to fight someone else! Some encounter...
3 by @AndraMage
Your video game boss type (478)
What kind of a boss would you (or a character of your choice) were a boss in a video game? Let'...
0 Games
Bossmas Gifts! (452)
What's Big Boss bringing you for for Bossmas?
how boss are you? (413)
check your bossiness
1 uh idk
Will you win a boss fight? (403)
Let's test your power.
Vorish Dungeon Run (386)
You dive into a dungeon, intending to eat the main boss at the end
Which Elsword Boss Are You? (304)
Which one are you? Post on the thread when done!
0 by @NuisArms
What boss are you? (240)
Pick a name i'll give u a boss
Your ♂boss calls you into his office dur... (237)
NSFW- Me getting both lemony and learning how this site works
IDUNNO (228)
Cum Boss? (192)
Are u the cum boss?
0 by @lanchoos
Darkness Behind (113)
Your character is Genderless , and make sure you survive from the monsters like creepy faces but the...
Boss (103)
Big sister
Which Kid Icarus character/boss are you? (100)
pretty self explanatory
0 Games
What Sonic Boss are You? (79)
Includes bosses from Sonic 1-2
The Living Shadow (77)
Such a boss.
Lots of Darius Battleships and more (69)
Dariusburst CS Mission Maker (40)
Get a random permutation of stages, in stage-boss-stage-boss-stage-boss format, and a ship to go wit...
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + (40)
Gives you a character with a passive, active, trinket, card/rune/pill, and which monster or boss you...
Maverick-Sona Generator (31)
yooo,,, like if you were a megamna x boss
What Darius boss is coming for you? (29)
Darius bosses with a bit of mixing and embellishment. Good luck!
Mainly 8B 8★~15★ consistent with my personal skill. The mechanic is similar to DJMAX Technika 2&...
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