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Sonic OC Generator (18,375)
Live and learn! What your Sonic OC is. (includes chart :^)
what&039;s your sonic OC? (3,296)
it's sonic ocs
Who would you be in the sonic world? (1,675)
Ever wondered who you be in the sonic world? find out now!
c̮̭̿ͣͥ͂̈̊h̫̠̰̙͌̔͛͞i̙̘̚͝l̵l̜̉͒i͛̏̀҉ ̼̰̥͒̽̿̂d͔͎ͥ̎̔o̯̔ͯ͑ͤͨ̾ͫ͝g̜͇͔͙̭̖ͣ͛s̢ͩ̔ͨͮͨ͆
What is your Sonic OC type? (1,409)
What is your stereotypical Sonic OC going to be? A red Sonic? A blue Shadow? Who knows!
Your Sonic-sidekick (607)
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow or Silver?
Sonic the Hedgehog Levels (586)
What Sonic the Hedgehog series zone/level are you?
0 by @MrX8991
What type of Chao are you? (432)
Find out your chao stats.
What does your sonic oc look like? (427)
this is completely necessary, trust me
How much Sonic The Hedgehog loves you (395)
Tells you how much the fast, blue blur loves you. ewe
A date with Sonic characters (385)
Please date these cute cool powerful animals
What&039;s your first date with a Sonic ... (361)
So good
Which Sonic character are you? (351)
Title says all
Your Sonic OC (350)
Be the Sonic OC
1 by @KnuxManic
Which Sonic the Hedgehog character are y... (343)
Full of gameverse characters, really.
Will Sonic.EXE kill you? (270)
Check if Sonic.EXE Will EVER GET YOU
Sonic Character Transformation (261)
Through unusual circumstances, you suddenly transform into a character from the Sonic The Hedgehog s...
Sonic Character Transformation (Female E... (249)
Through unusual circumstances, you suddenly transform into a female character from the Sonic The Hed...
Relationships with Videogames! (240)
Best friend Eggman, Sonic, Even Alex? Discover who likes You. (Boyfriend part for girls, Girlfriend ...
Your Very Own Sonic Level (234)
Time to design a new zone for Sonic the Hedgehog! Show us what you got.
Your sonic Girlfriend (217)
The one that has the much cent means thats your girlfriend
This will hurt a bit
Your Sonic Forces Avatar (200)
Kinda surprised that this doesn't exist already.
1 by @LevelT9
Which one of my Sonic OCs are you paired... (195)
What Sonic the Hedgehog character are yo... (186)
All the other lists only have a few mine has all
Sonic TF Mania (Female Edition) (178)
You suddenly transform into a female character from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. You attempt to re...
who is your sonic girlfriend (boys only) (176)
Sonic TF Mania (171)
You suddenly transform into a character from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. You attempt to reverse i...
What Does your Sonic OC character Look l... (168)
The title says all
What Sonic character are You (157)
oeoeoeo chill out. NOT
What is your Chris-chan assigned Sonichu... (156)
Which sonichu of dimension C-197 are you?
How do YOU play Puyo Puyo (145)
Puyo Puyo (ぷよぷよ), previously marketed under the name Puyo Pop in North America and Europe, is a seri...
Sonic OC/Self-Insert (142)
Sonic character randomiser!
Game character shindan (138)
So yeah
Life with Sonic the Hedgehog! (135)
Sonic OC stats (134)
Be the fastest, strongest, chilidog eater?. New and improved.
What female Sonic character will you tur... (129)
Press "Diagnose" to turn into a random female Sonic character.
Who is Your Sonic best friend (123)
The best freind is who has the much % of the chart.
What Is your Sonic OC? (118)
Because 1000s of Sonic shindan
Sonic character Girlfreind match maker (118)
It says girlfreind so its for boys, ok
What Sonic/mobian Character are you? (115)
(classic only, sorry.)
Sonic voice (110)
Who will you voice
Which sonic character would you**** (105)
Big OwO
0 by @Aidindhur
Sonico (102)
The Definition of Awesomeness
Sonic OC character ideas for Drawing On ... (99)
Very good Ideas for sonic OC drawing on Paint/paint.net.
What Sonic game are you (97)
Go Fast. Edit: added Boom and Sonic racing.
are you Classic or Modern (96)
A shindan i was gonna make just to determine which Sonic i was, but meh, imma let people use it.
Sonic OC Advanced Creator! (94)
a(nother) reboot of my Sonic OC Creator! original here: https://en.shindanmaker.com/837038
What sonic character are you? (93)
Sonic, Tails Or knuckles?
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