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Sifat apakah yang kamu miliki di anime? (7,222)
ingin tahu sifat yang kamu miliki jika berada di dunia anime? tinggal masukan nama kamu di bawah ini...
Which Love Live: SIF Girl Are You? (7,098)
Enter your name to find your inner idol!
Anime Yang Mirip Sifat Kamu Di Dunia Nya... (5,986)
Anime Yang Mirip Sifat Kamu Di Dunia Nyata
Sifat di balik Nama Kamu (4,848)
Mengetahui sifat di balik nama kamu
Who is your Love Live waifu? (Muse and A... (4,814)
welcome to idol hell
Mengetahui Sifat Aslimu Berdasarkan Nama (4,196)
Masukkan Nama Kamu
You as an Initial D driver (3,588)
[[[projectdI.mp3 intensifies]]]
Seperti apa lu di kelas? (3,543)
Contoh: pereman, perusuh
EN LLSIF Honor Scouting (3,442)
You decide to yolo-roll the Honor Scouting box. What will you get this time?
Love Live School Idol Festival card gene... (2,918)
what kind of LLSIF card are you?
Your stats in Love Live! School Idol Fes... (2,442)
Find out your rarity, alignment, and appeal!
Type of Demon (1,876)
You're a demon, but what kind?
Love Live! Score Match Result (1,074)
Score match score match gotta beat them all.
Type of Angel (1,070)
If you were an Angel, what type would you be?
Your Best SR/UR (893)
Just something random I made XD No promos included for obvious reasons
You do a 10+1 scout on SIF. What are the... (580)
SIF = School Idol Festival
[SIF] You do a 5 coupon scout. What do y... (544)
I mean, the chances of getting a UR are 20% so what could possibly go wrong? If you don't play ...
Best SR of SIF (387)
Time to separate the SR/UR Shindan and make individual ones ;o
what are you classified as? (374)
See the title. It's random and hopefully funny. Sorry for bad english.
Hard Matter Classification (368)
Using patent-pending science™, TDXLabs will analyze your (male) equipment.
Best UR of SIF (339)
I am very late on this so gomen ne ^^;
LLSIF Salt Generator (247)
What inconveniencing situation happened to you in LLSIF today?
What will you scout on Llsif today? (219)
Who will you scout? Are you Lucky enough for a UR? Find out!! | R %80 | SR %15 | SSR %4 | UR %1 |
How will you Scout which UR from Llsif t... (160)
Which UR will you Scout today? And how will you scout it? Find out now! Results change daily so come...
What made you ragequit LLSIF? (143)
The loveable school idol rhythm and card collecting game: What finally causes you to abandon these c...
What is your SIFAS event? (115)
This diagnosis will give you your own SIFAS event, with the cast and a trope!
What TikToker are You (89)
RENEGADE INTEMSIFIES also i was going to use the a symbol you use in email but shindan didnt allow i...
nintendude scouting (85)
bc rares happened
What group of animal classification. (43)
What classification are you?
Enterprisify (26)
Enterprisify your code.
0 by @viskar404
Nox Silvagard (11)
Maou and Soprano (?) (7)
This moment is taken when maou is getting a video call from soprano and he's too shy to answer ...
mybitchyasife (2)
i'm sort of sad and horny most of the time and really fucking dumb
Fjksksifjdjsjisocpanspwid (0)
Nesifa (0)
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