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a ship prompt/AU (96,119)
Put the name of a ship.Probs like 31% fluff, 3% crack, 66% angst; you've been WARNED
OTP prompt generator (84,258)
Type in OTP/Pair/Character names! makes better sense if written ' character ' AND ' ...
shipping nsfw prompts (35,405)
what the title says
OTP Drawing prompts (26,802)
Enter the name of your OTP, or a couple you like, for drawing prompts.
SUPER Weight Gain Prompts (14,249)
An updated version of the original Weight Gain Drabble Generator, with even more fat! (Also feat. in...
OTP Roleplay Drawing Promts (13,185)
Enter the name of your OTP, or a couple you like, for various roleplay drawing prompts
ship prompts/AUs (10,675)
just put in your favorite ships name for some sweet fluffy prompts! you can use the 'alternativ...
Gratuitous Furry Smut Prompt (10,499)
NSFW results ahead! Get a drawing/writing prompt for your next furry pr0n project!
Some OTP drawing prompts!! (8,487)
Enter your otp for some cute and silly drawing prompts! Some may be nsfw.
yet another Ship AU/Prompt shindan (7,702)
Why yes, it's another one. Put in a ship & get a random prompt, AU, or quote! A lot of thes...
14 by @yosukecchi
Angst Prompt Generator (4,960)
You've come to the right place if you want to feel pain. Enter the name of a character.
Belly Inflation Prompt (4,833)
Insert a character and read how they got a big ol' belly!
Twitter Follower Fun (4,684)
Some prompts to get to engage with your followers
Original Character Prompt (4,409)
Enter your character's name to get a drawing prompt.
OC Situation Creator (3,556)
A Shindan that gives you a situation for your OC (or yourself, a canon character, a real person, etc...
An Inflation Shindan (3,343)
Many different scenarios with more "realistic" sizes. Good for prompts.
Your Character in a Story (2,953)
Kind of an art prompt
FEM RWBY x Reader Writer Prompt (2,856)
Removed x due to some names appearing as ***
Write your story! (2,637)
Challenge yourself to write a story with these terms, and post it in the required time! Prompts are ...
EXO fic prompter (2,194)
go write me fic
Vore story prompt (2,100)
(First try at one of these) Writing prompt for any vore authors out there. It will occasionally use ...
Promptter! (1,918)
Insert character(s)/pairing name and get a prompt!
Character Design Prompts (1,880)
A blatant but worse (because it's free... duh) ripoff of CONCEPTSTART.net, go there for a bette...
enstars crack ship/prompt generator (1,834)
put in your name (or a character's), it will generate a ship and a prompt LEON IS KOGAS DOG NO...
OTP scenario generator! (1,686)
Something for @Hijirikawaren and I to use when coming up with cosplay scenarios, but it works for dr...
AU Generator~ (1,665)
super awesome tumblr based AU generator. ALL THE PROMPTS WERE TAKEN FROM PERFECTLYROSE on tumblr...
Writing Prompt Ideas (1,531)
For all you writers out there :D
Fanfic/story prompts (1,370)
Want to write something about two characters? No idea what? Get a random prompt with this shindan. C...
Random furry fetish transformation promp... (1,300)
This shindan contains various random combination of prompts for furry (and related) transformation s...
MALE RWBY x Reader Writer Prompt (1,290)
Hope you like it!
Shoujo Cliche Drawing Prompts (1,198)
Put in a character or yourself, and get a cliche event for them to encounter. Then draw it if you wa...
inktober prompt generator/horrorsona! (1,164)
made this for personal inktober prompts, but it doubles as a sona generator! <3
Furry Writer&039;s Prompt (1,150)
Stuck coming up with smut idea? Just enter the main character's name and get a quick plot idea!
Character Art Prompts (1,109)
Insert a character into these prompts for inspiration! Writing prompts will be made soon! NSFW promp...
OTP prompts (1,061)
Enter your OTP's ship name or the names of the characters involved and you'll get a prompt...
Eldritch Monster Generator (998)
Make your own abomination! Meant for art prompts. Options are left vague so you can use your imagina...
RT/Like prompt drawing dare (912)
interpret your answers however you want!
Writing Prompt Generator (881)
find out what the next thing you're gonna write is gonna be about
Character Generator! (880)
Enter a name and get prompts for a fantasy character! Includes appearance, species, gender and much ...
Osomatsu RT drawing prompt (847)
the title said it all
Voltron art/fic prompt (835)
Looking for ideas for your next Voltron fic/art? I got you! (SFW)
Candy Gore Prompt (796)
Drawing prompt
Drawing/Story Prompts (791)
Just drawing/story prompts i honestly just made for myself.
Dialogue Prompt [RWBY] (773)
From the internet! Might work.
OTP Prompts For fun (749)
Input an otp or a couple for drawing prompts
Furry Drawing Challenge (727)
A variety of character shapes, species, poses, and prompts.
Fanfic prompt generator (685)
Suggests a genre, length and extra for a fanfic or general piece of writing.
1 by @ravnervn
astro showing love (677)
the biggest y/n prompt writer
Pokemon Design Prompt (654)
Expand the Pokedex!
OC Generator 5000 (653)
This machine will pump out the basic description of a brand spanking new OC just for you! Come back ...
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