HOT Shindan

The HOT Shindan counts the diagnosis frequency over the last few hours, targeting all the diagnosis and displays up to the TOP200. The ranking is updated once every hour between 0 and 10 minutes.
1. what is your soul made of (1,387)
woohoo. constantly adding more results, so come back often <3 (twt: @lannahhasola / @bioiuminesce...
2. 「Your Stand」 (27,103)
What is your JoJo stand? (includes chart :^)
3. [ You're A God! ] (19,125)
You're now an immortal divinity. What are you god of? (Some results are silly.)
4. What is your anime description? (4,521)
Can be for making new OCs or just for fun!
5. Who's your Overwatch Daddy (1,200)
6. How much of a Sinner are you? (386,427)
Find out how much you have sinned!
7. Why people REALLY like you (7,650)
Find out here
8. Random Stat Generator (73,005)
find out your stats (will add more)
9. Your role in anime (43,911)
Decides which role you will take in what kind of anime
10. (character name) has appeared! What to d... (80,721)
Put a character name below. Then make a poll for your followers based on the result and let them cho...
11. Magical Girl Persona (234)
Find out who your magical girl persona is!
12. What's your superpower? (3,918)
if you could have one
13. Your Dating Service (61,036)
based on @qen000's the original here→ it is not my idea!!!!! on...
14. How does he/she kiss ? (36,776)
His/Her kiss step by step
15. What is your heart made of? (3,526)
Find out what your heart is made of!
16. What genre is your life? (7,986)
(*' ') for fun
17. How adorable are you? (65,708)
Test your adorableness! <:3
18. You as a Boss Fight (127,981)
(Includes stats chart) When the protagonist comes to fight you, how will you measure up?
19. How much of each dere are you? (17,640)
Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.
20. witchsona (56,513)
double, double, toil and trouble...
21. Your Kaomojis of The Day (112)
Which Kaomojis will describe your day? (Kaomojis are from here: and http://cu...
22. How memey are you? (176)
23. How Ronck Are You (50)
How?!?! Ronkc?!
24. Waifu meter (347,125)
What percentage are you a Waifu?
25. Generic RPG Character Generator (16,624)
Find out who you'd be in an RPG
26. I-CHU Card generator (109)
Inspired by Find out what I-Chu card you are
27. RPG Character Types (48,928)
I'm sure this has been done a bazillion times before but here's my take on it. Enjoy~
28. Your death (79,636)
Learn about how you will die.
29. Enstars Idol Crush (6,046)
Who likes you and who do you like
30. how soft are you? (26,890)
soft, pet pet pet
31. Daily Reminder (52)
take care of yourself, pals. (twt: @lannahhasola)
32. Exorcist Fighting Style (353)
If u were an exorcist how would u fight
33. Your Role in Fairy Tail (120)
Find out what your role is in the Fairy Tail universe owo
34. What is your anime opening? (18,594)
What is your intro's theme?
35. When Will You Lose Your Virginity? (35,715)
I got bored. This is purely for fun (not that kind of fun).
36. Your Anime Looks (69,473)
37. What character role are you?? (4,033)
38. Your life in SAO (132,844)
You're stuck in Sword Art Online, how long do you survive?
39. Anime/Manga Character (177,309)
What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?
40. Harem Role (136,953)
Your role in the harem is....
41. Cringe-o-Meter (2,987)
Rate your cringe!
42. Cup Sizes! (TMI...) (5,007)
(Based on UK inch system.)yes people. Cup sizes. If you are being an anime character, hope for the b...
43. Your Character Stats (124,943)
What kind of character are you and what are your stats?
44. What is your stand? (99,382)
Find out what your JJBA stand would be.
45. What Kind of Fighting Game Character are... (964)
How would you play if you were in a fighting game?
46. Who likes death. (24)
Do you like death?
47. What food are you (2,013)
I was hungry ;-;
48. Senpai Says (88,240)
If senpai DID notice you...
49. what cryptid is ur soulmate (33)
meet single cryptids TODAY on
50. Which Elsword Character are you? (591)
Which one are you? Post your results on the thread!
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