HOT Shindan

The HOT Shindan counts the diagnosis frequency over the last few hours, targeting all the diagnosis and displays up to the TOP200. The ranking is updated once every hour between 0 and 10 minutes.
1. Your 「Persona」 Game (2,409)
what your own persona game would be like
2. Does [insert name of crush here] loves y... (400)
Find out here!
3. How Big a Boy are you? (3,590)
Hey, how Big and Boy do you think you are? The hell do you get off, acting like a Big Boy?!
4. Furry Personal Trainer (40,699)
You just hired a new personal trainer! Find out about him here.
5. My Hero Academia Quirk (29,891)
What's your quirk?
6. How much of each dere are you? (29,703)
Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.
7. Which Aqours member are you?? (456)
Find out which member you are
8. how pure are u (86,700)
made by me
9. What is your addiction (680)
Your addition and your level of dedication to it
10. How balanced is your game character? (3,620)
Find out how balanced your character is!
11. Which Pokemon would you be? (58,142)
Find out your Pokémon alter ego.
12. three words to describe you (16,601)
this shindan will describe you, using only three words. accuracy may vary.
13. What is your superpower? Physical and me... (11,873)
What's you're super powers? You can have multiple.
14. what does μ's think of (2,193)
theres already one i think but im makin one with more results AND daily changes
15. How fat have you become? (12,329)
How fat have you become and why?
16. Senpai Says (92,081)
If senpai DID notice you...
17. Harem Role (144,841)
Your role in the harem is....
18. who should you bang (655)
Find out who you should bang
19. Which element do you bend? (68)
Out of the four main elements in Avatar: the Last Airbender.
20. What Happened To You In Skylands (NSFW) (47)
You visit skylands for the first time. Met with someone, then something naughty happened. NSFW
21. How much of a Sinner are you? (413,993)
Find out how much you have sinned!
22. What kind of alcoholic drink are you? (94)
You're a new drink everyday! (Bonus! You get a small snack too!)
23. What ARE You exactly? (4,855)
No really. What are you?
24. Seven Sins (25,715)
What is your biggest sin? (Values range from 1 to 10)
25. You're best features (1,836)
What people like/love about you
26. The Magical Get Fat Pill (6,276)
You've consumed a special pill for scientific research! It's going to make you fat! The on...
27. what dank meme are you (2,362)
idk this is basically just a list of memes
28. What is your magic ability? (7,240)
Find out what your secret abilities are due to your name!
29. What genre is your life? (13,858)
(*' ') for fun
30. Anime OC Description (11,319)
See your anime!
31. How are you in bed? (26,413)
Let's find out~
32. Mersona! (819)
Create your mersona! (genderfluid for the most part)
33. Ultimate Magical Girl Generator / 魔法少女 (310)
The best Magical Girl Generator! Only one chance!
34. What are your Persona 4 Game Stats? (2,086)
social link social link social link social link
35. Beauty-meter: how beautiful are you? (2,934)
Tells how beautiful you are. The machine might be rude from time to time, feel free to kick it as it...
36. Which Persona character are you? (5,199)
Tells you what P3/P4 character you are! (Limited to plot-relevant characters)
37. What sort of people do you attract? (12,169)
Your uniqueness has made you popular among a certain group~
38. Naruto Character Generator (6,973)
Cement your place in the Naruto canon.
39. What 'Dere' are you? (17,385)
Which Dere type are you?
40. OC Generator: What will yours look like? (9,126)
See what your OC would look like
41. How Edgy are you? (31,466)
This shows how much of an edge master you are.
42. Your REAL Zodiac with GOOD horoscopes (183)
learn your real zodiac now today right here right now and follow the really good advice
43. Who is your Naruto lover? (3,939)
Who in Naruto are you dating?
44. You as an Android in Nier Automata? (437)
What kind of Android would you be in Nier Automata?
45. What Is Your Kpop Stage Name? (3,042)
A brand new idol group is about to debut, featuring you! What is your awesome stage name??
46. What Superpower Do You Have? (2,456)
What kind of superpower do you secretly wield? Find out here.
47. Transformation Issues (4,501)
You've been suddenly transformed after you drink/eat something! lets see how and what happens.
48. 1 Like 1 Thing (21,488)
Post to twitter and get free likes, also feel free to personalize your diagnosis
49. Your Tweetheart stats (8,928)
What makes you the Tweetheart you are? Random stats that you're better not knowing off what the...
50. Lets learn about your future (1,486)
Tell you what you are going to do.
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