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Violet|20|they/them+ze/zir| hi im violet and here is where i dump basically whatever i feel like dumping here. art twitter is @violetkatart


Total people diagnosed : 231 people
1. Your Ao Oni fate (143)
first time making a shindan and what better way to start than by making one out of my biggest hyperf...
2. Goverment Assigned AoOni Kin* (30)
*not actually the onis this time tho the oni is still 1(one) result you can get.
3. Crop Haven Lover (9)
also includes best friend, rival, and what kinda pet you have! crop haven belongs to pandrena on tum...
4. Goverment Assigned Oni Kin (49)
and no i don't mean the characters. im talking abt the actual onis
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