Violet🐱Asexual and Angry
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Violet|20|they/them+ze/zir| hi im violet and here is where i dump basically whatever i feel like dumping here. art twitter is @violetkatart


Total people diagnosed : 335 people
1. Crop Haven Lover (10)
also includes best friend, rival, and what kinda pet you have! crop haven belongs to pandrena on tum...
2. Goverment Assigned AoOni Kin* (34)
*not actually the onis this time tho the oni is still 1(one) result you can get.
3. Goverment Assigned Oni Kin (68)
and no i don't mean the characters. im talking abt the actual onis
4. Your Ao Oni fate (223)
first time making a shindan and what better way to start than by making one out of my biggest hyperf...
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