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Total people diagnosed : 338 people
1. Your Pokémon OC! (76)
Pokémon species is in dex number because i don't want to soend hours of my time writing Pokémon...
2. gerob's RPG Character Generator! (82)
A simple RPG character generator. That's it.
3. gerob's Pokémon Generator! (35)
This Shindanmaker creates an idea for a Pokémon/Fakemon. Yay
4. ANOTHER Fursona Generator! (40)
sorry i just love making these, this time they are in sentences. if you dont like the combination, y...
5. gerob's UNIQUE Fursona Generator! (35)
If the previous one wasn't enough, I created a more.. unique one. (Contains mythical creatures ...
6. gerob's Fursona Creator! (70)
The fursona creator with probably the most possibilities!
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