Total people diagnosed : 3,130 people
1. You as a schoolgirl from anime (437)
2. You as a fantasy RPG character (female) (254)
I like games like that too) Maplestory for example
3. You as a BanG Dream girl (326)
If you don't know the game - try searching. Really god game, recommend you to play it
4. Your first day of school in "Yander... (439)
5. Your first day of school with DDLC girls (351)
6. Your birthday party with Yandere Simulat... (203)
Hmm, interesting....
7. Your Halloween with Yandere Simulator ri... (200)
Ooh, Yandere~
8. Your birthday party with DDLC girls (193)
My birthday is soon~~
9. Your Halloween with DDLC girls (262)
Oh I would be a bit surprised if I ever had a Halloween like that, hehe~~
10. You as a Yandere Simulator girl (241)
I love this game so much too)))
11. How would you look if you were a DDLC gi... (224)
I just love this game so yep ;-;
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