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Total people diagnosed : 23,042 people
1. if you were y/n (899)
ur finally y/n!! whats ur story about, whos ur love interest, what type of character is y/n this tim...
2. whos ur government assigned twilight kin (112)
Well..... ?
3. your new anime life (373)
what anime are u in and who are h
4. your gg stan twitter life (9,868)
who are u on stan twt
5. who is your twice soulmate (3,966)
no men allowed
6. your kpop girl + anime girl (826)
ur government assigned kpop girl and anime girl
7. twicestrology (1,564)
your major astrological signs a but as twice
8. kpop ggs as ur twt oomfs (2,656)
who are ur girl group oomfs and how do they feel abt u
9. which kpop idols joined your gsa (173)
which gay idols came to ur first high school gsa meeting
10. which fancy lyric are u (2,144)
11. which kpop lesbian is ur bff (461)
self explanatory
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