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Total people diagnosed : 5,638 people
1. Assassination Classroom OC maker (371)
It’s my favourite anime so there!
2. Your manga (unrealistic) (263)
I always like when there’s a fantastic touch or just a little bit of supernatural in series,novels,c...
3. Your UTAU (235)
I love UTAU it’s amazing! If you ever wanted to create one and have no ideas, I’m here!
4. Halloween with anime characters (155)
Teehee I’m back!
5. Your date with an anime character (296)
Cuz you all dream of it
6. Your birthday with anime characters (277)
My birthday is next week :)
7. You as an anime schoolgirl! (3,058)
School’s starting tomorrow ;-;
8. Your sleepover with anime characters! (241)
It’s also game characters -3-
9. Are u Seme or Uke? (176)
Get your fujoshi/fudanshi selves over here!
10. Your anime role (314)
Find out yours
11. Your Fanloid needs a voice? I’m here. (77)
If you have a Fanloid design I can help you with the voice and stuff, enter the Fanloid’s name!
12. Your Bootiful superpower (175)
Mine’s Telekinesis Lol
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