I absolutely love special effects, i have a youtube account (be sure to subscribe) and i love my mystic creatures and myths, and i have an Xbox one.



can you guess where i got these ideas?

2who would you date?

who will you dahteh

3your alien kind is...

what yo alien kind?

4Arena Survival

you get put into an arena and you have to survive for the rest of your life. lets see how you do.

5Land Of You!


6Who will marry you?

sorry for this

7Are You Human?

You Human?

8weapon and power


9what your demon version looks like

this is you as demon

10Your faction and class

you are...

11U Penguin Enuff

Penguin Skillz?

12Animal or hybrid?

You might get lucky and be human

13your girlfriend

who will you date?

14Character Creator

Your Character

15How Will You Die

Pride Or Shame?



17(SAMPLE) The possibility to fire KAMEHAMEHA Wave

KAMEHAMEHA is one of the ability of SON-GO-KU from Dragonball. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragonball
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