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1What Phasmophobia ghost are you?

Spooky? Tame? Energetic? Sluggish? Let's see...WIP

2Hogwarts student generator

Looking to make a quick Hogwarts OC? Perhaps a background character? Or maybe even seeing what your life could have been like in the wizarding world? Here's the place to do it. Have fun!

3Monster hunter monster Oc generator!

A generator focussing more on a singular monster and it's appearance and personality!

4Which monster hunter monster best suits you?

Come get yourself a pet monstie, let's see how well the two of you bond!

5random pokemon team!

Exactly as the name says. Sword and Shield not included.

6Warrior cats name generator

the typical name generator my guy, just enter a number or name and get a randomised result. WORK IN PROGRESS

7Daily TF2 class interactions!

Simple as the name! What should you do with your mercenary today? Also viable as an idea generator.
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