HOT Shindan

The HOT Shindan counts the diagnosis frequency over the last few hours, targeting all the diagnosis and displays up to the TOP200. The ranking is updated once every hour between 0 and 10 minutes.
1. How perverted are you? (3,240,762)
Find out how perverted you are
2. Bishounen Maker (25,807)
create your bishounen character!
3. Harem Role (79,101)
Your role in the harem is....
4. How Beautiful you are (4,143,890)
Diagnoses how beautiful are you
5. How you'll look in an anime (291,486)
I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)
6. Waifu meter (193,584)
What percentage are you a Waifu?
7. Random Aesthethic Generator (310,776)
random aesthethic generator
8. Ideal Bara-Kemono (44,130)
What is your ideal bara-kemono?
9. Your HP character (3,408)
Your wand, Hogwarts house, blood state, patronus
10. You look good wearing what? (51,068)
3 of your best looks.
11. How KAWAII are you? (121,310)
Know how kawaii you are.
35 anime manga kawaii #kawaiitestdesu by @ShouldveKnownIt
12. FNAF OC Creator (9,668)
Five Nights At Freddy's Original Character Creator :)
13. Anime/Manga Character (145,018)
What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?
14. Touken Ranbu:How do you look like as Swo... (1,312)
You are a sacred weapon created by Saniwa sama to defeat all evil force and bring back peace. From T...
1 touran #Touken_Ranbu by @wildetier
15. Troll Name Generator (46,515)
What's your Troll name?
16. Music: What is your theme song and where... (62)
Don't hate m8. Peace and Love. What is your theme and where will it play* Song - Artist. I d...
17. Who will kill you? (32,752)
Diagnoses your killer.
18. Touken Ranbu:How do you look like as San... (389)
You are the Saniwa, the one who came back through time to defeat the evil force with the power that ...
touran #Touken_Ranbu by @wildetier
19. Psycho-Pass Scan (55,519)
The Dominator will now scan your Criminal Coefficient under the Sibyl System. But maybe Sibyl has ot...
27 anime psychopass #sibylscanning by @SERNAgent
20. Your Tsundere Meter! (244,126)
Diagnoses your Tsundere Level
21. Ayakashi Ghost Guild Daemon Form! (26)
What type of daemon would you be?
22. Senpai Says (58,800)
If senpai DID notice you...
23. The perfect nickname (94,520)
Calculate here your perfect nickname!
24. Who Is Your Child and Husband?? (13,410)
Husband-EXO Child:BTS
25. How kawaii are you? [Percent] (531)
26. You're the Protagonist (33,823)
What is your show about?
27. Video Game of You (25,907)
A video game about yourself
28. The meaning behind your name (590,858)
What does your name mean?
29. Attack On Titan OC Generator (80,150)
What kind of solider would you be?
30. Your *Awesome* Special Attack (50,997)
What's your anime or video game special attack/super move?
8 AWESOME Games Anime #YourSpecialAttack by @MythicMagus
31. Your Love Story (9,002)
What is the future of your love life?
32. Your Famous Last Words (305,811)
Words that everyone will remember you by. You only die once!
33. Love Letter Confession!~ (85,755)
There's something in your locker... What could be hidden within this heart-stamped envelope?!
34. Your creepy fetish (18+) (50,267)
What's your super-freaky kink?
35. Will Senpai notice you? (194,148)
Find out if the senpai will notice our cute little kouhais!!! (updated)
44 #senpainoticeme by @tribbutribby
36. Anime name! (19,132)
What is your 'anime hero' name?
5 Manga Anime Questions #BronyPieShindan by @Brony_Pie
37. What are you a god of? (12,936)
Get you God title!
38. RWBY Weapon Generator (60,624)
What weapon will you have in RWBY?
39. your male genderbend (138,242)
find how your genderbend looks like!
40. Your Ideal Type (52,266)
What is your ideal type?
41. What "Dere" are you? (54,594)
Let's check what type of Dere are you?
13 #DereType by @Shima_ru
42. RT if you think... (93,946)
Gauging what your followers think of you!
43. Japanese Name (44,813)
What's your Japanese name?
44. How Successful Can Your Ship Be? (26,130)
Put "[Character 1] x [Character 2]" into the text box and see how much of a chance the shi...
45. Which Persona character are you? (3,242)
Tells you what P3/P4 character you are! (Limited to plot-relevant characters)
46. Your Voice (136,872)
Which Seiyuu would voice you in an anime?
36 seiyuu anime #yourseiyuu by @sarah_208
47. Your Kingdom Hearts date (2,499)
Diagnoses your ideal KH date.
1 #khdate by @descole
48. Hetalia character (9,912)
Which country are you?
3 #hetaliashindan by @ayuviz
49. RWBY Weapon Generator 2 (14,835)
What other weapon will you have in RWBY?
50. maiwaifu (193,995)
know your destined 2D waifu XD !!
7 #maiwaifu by @kyourinsama
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