HOT Shindan

The HOT Shindan counts the diagnosis frequency over the last few hours, targeting all the diagnosis and displays up to the TOP200. The ranking is updated once every hour between 0 and 10 minutes.
1. How Beautiful you are (4,096,444)
Diagnoses how beautiful are you
2. How perverted are you? (3,034,650)
Find out how perverted you are
3. The meaning behind your name (545,279)
What does your name mean?
4. Which Pokemon would you be? (18,964)
Find out your Pokémon alter ego.
5. Anime/Manga Character (123,317)
What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?
6. Your life in SAO (98,127)
You're stuck in Sword Art Online, how long do you survive?
7. Which Eevee are you?? (10,834)
Find out which Eevee you are.
8. Waifu meter (160,612)
What percentage are you a Waifu?
9. Pokemon me (44,458)
What kind of pokemon are you?
1 Pokemon #pokemonme by @arexnb
10. Which Persona would you have (90)
You've unlocked the ability of Persona find out which you have.
11. Tokyo Ghoul Role (1,846)
What kind of ghoul are you?
12. How you'll look in an anime (263,459)
I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)
13. How KAWAII are you? (106,478)
Know how kawaii you are.
34 anime manga kawaii #kawaiitestdesu by @ShouldveKnownIt
14. Will Senpai notice you? (178,051)
Find out if the senpai will notice our cute little kouhais!!! (updated)
41 #senpainoticeme by @tribbutribby
15. Who's your date? (158)
Who's going to take you out on the town and ehat do they plan? Note: some results are gender ne...
16. If you were a Pokémon...? (10,508)
Discover your type and status if you were a Pokémon!
17. Your special power (79,004)
what power do you have
15 #powershindan by @MistaBuck
18. If you had to choose (7,551)
19. Heroic Title (96,828)
What do the people know you as, hero?
6 hero titles #MyHeroicAlias by @kenmato
20. Japanese Name (41,442)
What's your Japanese name?
21. Psycho-Pass Scan (38,164)
The Dominator will now scan your Criminal Coefficient under the Sibyl System. But maybe Sibyl has ot...
22 anime psychopass #sibylscanning by @SERNAgent
22. Deadly Sins (12,765)
Find out which sin you are and why.
23. Reincarnation (23,451)
What will you be when you arise again from the dead
24. Your anime death (22,406)
How you would die if you were in an anime.
25. Love confession (68,699)
Who will confess their love to you?
26. Who is your perfect Anime BoyFriend? (42,497)
Diagnoses your perfect Anime BoyFriend.
27. Your Timelord Name (234,457)
Find your timelord name and begin your adventure!
28. How Gay Are You (Anime Characters) (4,123)
you are gay but how gay???
29. What type of -dere are you? (209)
Type in your name to find out which -dere you are (tsundere, yandere, dandere, kuudere, deredere,...
30. You're the Protagonist (26,746)
What is your show about?
31. Role in Hentai (52,980)
If you were in a hentai, what role would you have?
32. Troll Name Generator (36,536)
What's your Troll name?
33. What's your legendary Pokémon? (10,525)
Put your name in to find out what your legendary is!
34. How Successful Can Your Ship Be? (14,480)
Put "[Character 1] x [Character 2]" into the text box and see how much of a chance the shi...
35. The perfect nickname (80,287)
Calculate here your perfect nickname!
36. RWBY Weapon Generator (47,551)
What weapon will you have in RWBY?
37. Yowamushi Pedal date, team, and biking s... (628)
What would you be like in the Yowapeda universe?
38. Anime Female Partner (18,375)
Diagnoses your name and find it!
39. How lonely are you? (23,520)
Your percentage of Loneliness
40. Draw Pokemon from Memory! (843)
Generates five Pokemon for you to draw, but you're not allowed to look at a reference. Do your ...
41. Random Aesthethic Generator (236,348)
random aesthethic generator
42. Witch Creator! (2,457)
Cast a spell and make yourself into a little witch!
43. Your Famous Last Words (286,093)
Words that everyone will remember you by. You only die once!
44. Your Ideal Type (44,854)
What is your ideal type?
45. Your Role in Tokyo Ghoul (662)
Imagine you live in the 'Tokyo Ghoul' Universe. Who and what would your fate be?
46. Attack On Titan OC Generator (70,310)
What kind of solider would you be?
47. Dere Meter ! (8,274)
Find your percentage Dere meter ! XD
48. RPG-tter (167,759)
You've been suddenly sucked into an RPG. What are your stats?
49. Psycho Pass Meter (8,903)
Psycho Pass Meter
50. How fat will you become? (6,614)
Something terrible has made you fat! What is it?
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