HOT Shindan

The HOT Shindan counts the diagnosis frequency over the last few hours, targeting all the diagnosis and displays up to the TOP200. The ranking is updated once every hour between 0 and 10 minutes.
1. How perverted are you? (2,836,732)
Find out how perverted you are
2. Random Aesthethic Generator (200,850)
random aesthethic generator
3. How Beautiful you are (3,987,357)
Diagnoses how beautiful are you
4. Your EXO husband. (116,127)
Who will you marry and how many kids will you have?
5. Who Is Your Child and Husband?? (4,290)
Husband-EXO Child:BTS
6. Married and Honeymoon With Bias (442)
Wish this come truee ._.
Love #kwardtag by @khsnlita
7. Frist kiss From EXO (14,195)
Your frist kiss from exo ,ENJOY $^$
8. EXO Nightmares (5,043)
Who will come to your dream tonight? ㅋㅋㅋ
9. Your Life With EXO (9,788)
try it
10. EXO's member going to do with you (443)
If you want to be their girlfriend
Love #yehettag by @khsnlita
11. You met EXO (17,115)
what happened between u 2?
12. EXO Perfect Match (3,670)
Find out which EXO member is your perfect match!
13. Your Love Story in K-Drama (21,556)
Diagnoses your love story in Korean Drama
14. Your holiday with EXO (27,503)
what would happen if you have holiday with EXO? :D
19 EXO #holidaywithexo by @devynaoo
15. Who will marry you? (10,509)
sorry for this
16. Scandalous Kpop Life (20,891)
Your (dirty) life as a kpop idol~
17. Your marriage with EXO (41,112)
What will happen? :)
18. Your Korean Names (25,847)
get your korean name
19. fvck marry kill [EXO] (6,375)
lets play!! (*^3^)/~♡ [please remember that this is all just for fun]
20. Gift for your birthday (94)
EXO's member give you what
Love #hmtag by @khsnlita
21. OTP Drawing prompts (4,418)
Enter the name of your OTP, or a couple you like, for drawing prompts.
22. Your Ideal Type (40,034)
What is your ideal type?
23. Happy Life With K-Pop Oppa! (16,645)
Your cute dream life with your k-pop oppa.
24. How You Faced Korean Girl (8,302)
Diagnoses how you facedkorean girl
25. your dreams w your bias (7,138)
be happy. Just for fun
26. Baekhyun (19)
Baekhyun Ganteng
27. K-fangirling (48)
28. Who likes you?... (29,814)
Hmmm... is it a hot/cute person? Let's see! :D
29. your exo husband? (381)
Who will u marry and how many kids will u hv?
30. How Horny Are you? (10,645)
Find out how horny are you?
31. Your EXO Power (10,260)
See what your power! XD
32. Your Exo Fairytale (4,153)
Which exo member will you share a fairytale with?
33. what's your love story with kpop id... (117)
Your love story is..
34. Spin the bottle ~ MUAH! (20,788)
LOL this oughta be interesting! EXO!!
35. Bangtan propose (56)
Learn how bts will propose to you and who proposes
36. EXO cute prank (2,569)
doing cute prank to EXO member xD
37. The perfect nickname (72,847)
Calculate here your perfect nickname!
38. How you'll look in an anime (243,734)
I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)
39. exo love (23,792)
a true story
40. EXO Encounter (16,209)
What happens when you encounter EXO
6 EXO Encounters #EXOencounters by @milkbaeri
41. How people think of you (18,809)
See how others think of you
42. BTS kisses (3,384)
Bangtan Boys, who will kiss you and where?
43. Anime/Manga Character (108,542)
What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?
44. How KAWAII are you? (94,632)
Know how kawaii you are.
29 anime manga kawaii #kawaiitestdesu by @ShouldveKnownIt
45. kpop relationships (35,895)
Your relationships with some of the kpop boys
46. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (12)
47. Which Pretty Cure Are You (38)
Top says it all.
48. Kissing EXO (22,151)
Find out which eXO member wants to kiss you
7 #kissingexo by @papillon_navi
49. Your Timelord Name (218,826)
Find your timelord name and begin your adventure!
50. your name based to kpop idol name combin... (129)
What's your name?
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