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19 hit.
Fighting Game Waifu (12,299)
Find out what fighting game girl you're actually in love with.
Cute Fighter Generator (2,957)
A fun little character maker.
What Kind of Fighting Game Character are... (2,543)
How would you play if you were in a fighting game?
weapon and power (1,172)
One Piece Fighting Style (1,014)
How do you fight in the One Piece world? You can decide how many pistols or what type of launcher/sw...
Your life in the Fighting Tournament (887)
A.K.A: Fighting Game Harem Simulator
Your One True Fighting Game Waifu (757)
Let's see who loves you!
Welcome to the World Fighting Tournament... (613)
Input name and get your character profile!
Your King of Fighters Waifu (611)
Not anyone who's already with someone though.
What&039;s Your Signature Special? (445)
Everyone has a signature finisher they use to end a battle. What's yours?
Which Fighting Game Do You Live In? (399)
Read da title biatches!
King of Fighters! Look like this, Fight ... (366)
An entirely new thing
A fight with the Snow Queen! (310)
Can you survive her temper?
Kancolle Fighting Tournament! (282)
When ships use fists!
power level detector
Who are you in KoF (264)
Find out who you are!
Fighter type (Shinmai Maou no Testament) (251)
what type are you?
UFC Stats (198)
Find out your statistics as a UFC fighter!
lets fight the idols (189)
whose ass would you kick? who would kick your ass? groups included: The Boyz, Monsta X, NCT, VIXX, B...
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