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What’s your compatibility with BTS? (152,160)
This blew up on TWT lmfao wyd guys 👁👄👁 but fr thank u for checking this out & check out my other...
I Married a Bangtan Boy (24,483)
The story of you and your BTS husband.
date with bangtan (15,043)
[Rated R] who ? where ? how ?
BTS as lovers (12,221)
bangtan fmk (9,632)
just do it nerd
wow sexy really steamy oh good lord! ooooh baby
Your BTS bias (8,194)
Who is your favorite member?
bangtan wiggle wiggles (7,300)
You wake up next to a Bangtan member.
How You Met A Bangtan&039;s Member (5,844)
How do you meet him? Where do you meet him? When do you meet him? check your result here!
how much of bts are u (5,444)
dont take this seriously
Sweet bangtan time (4,890)
Sweet scenarios with BTS.
gay boyscouts (4,445)
What you&039;d see when you first enter ... (1,521)
Your ACTUAL BTS Bias! (1,129)
Maybe your bias will change...
What would your BTS fanfic be like? (519)
Your fanfic plot would be ..
who in bts attacked you? (324)
you’ve been attacked 😩
Who in BTS will you fight? (228)
Who in BTS have you mortally offended and what weapons will you use to duel them?
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