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Animal Crossing Villager Generator! (12,704)
Perfect if you want to create an AC design or find a villager persona!
tom nook has a vice grip on my bank stat... (9,025)
basically who are u as an animal crossing villager!!! i made this bc im love animal crossing ok
What type of Animal Crossing villager ar... (1,063)
What is your Animal Crossing villager typing?
ANCL Town Generator! (640)
A town for you to make, including a town theme and public works projects!
You're a Villager from ACNL (532)
You've just moved in to somebody's village! Nice to meet you!
What kind of ACNL villager are you? (119)
a simple animal crossing generator that assigns you a species and nature!
what hour of acnl music are you? (103)
tells you what song from acnl you are!
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