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Diagnoses on the theme of [Nogizaka46].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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46/48G Member Profile (1,757)
Find out what your 46/48G member profile says about you.
Which Nogizaka46 member are you most lik... (1,271)
Find out which Nogizaka46 member is most similar to you.
Nogizaka46 Wedding (1,239)
Find out who in Nogizaka46 will be your wife and who her maid of honor will be.
Nogizaka46 Love Triangle (1,108)
Find out what your Nogizaka46 love triangle is.
Nogizaka46 Mates (826)
You are in Nogizaka46. Who are your best friend, rival, and crush within the group?
Nogidoko Valentine&039;s Day (815)
Valentine's Day Nogidoko episode. How will your confession go?
Which 48/46 group should you follow? (783)
Find out which 48/46 group you should be following.
Your Nogizaka46 Heavenly Queens (770)
Find out who your Nogi heavenly queens are.
Your ALL48 Oshimen top 5! (675)
The members you should keep an eye out for! (SNH & JKT not included)
Nogizaka&039;s first kiss,gf & rival (593)
Find out who is your first kiss, girlfriend & rival in Nogizaka!
AKB48-Nogizaka46 Member Swap (585)
Find out what AKB48-Nogizaka46 member swap you want the most.
Your Ideal Nogizaka46 Center (507)
Find out who you would want as Nogizaka46's center.
Your Nogizaka46 Top Three (463)
Nogizaka46 Solo Member Photobook (445)
Find out what your ideal Nogizaka46 solo member photobook is.
Nogizaka crush (398)
which Nogi member has a crush on you? and who is your crush? Lets find out!
Nogizaka46 1st and 2nd Gen Oshis (394)
Find out who your Nogizaka46 1st and 2nd generation oshis are.
Ideal Nogizaka46 Member (386)
Find out what your ideal Nogizaka46 member would be like.
Top 3 Favorite Nogizaka46 Songs (298)
Find out your top 3 favorite Nogizaka46 songs.
Nogizaka46 Halloween Costume (270)
Find out what Halloween costume you want to see most on a Nogizaka46 member.
Nogizaka46 Sailor Senshi (247)
Find out which Nogizaka46 members make up your ideal Sailor Senshi.
your hopes for nogi&039;s 16th single (161)
what you hope for nogi's 16th single. just for fun
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