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Diagnoses on the theme of [MonstaX].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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relationship with mx (14,426)
100% real kihyun monitors this himself btw you're gonna be marrying who you're dating bc i...
who is your monsta x soulmate?? (14,024)
who is your soulmate in King Rookie Group to end all rookie groups monsta x
Your Monsta X bias (8,560)
Who should be your bias?
On a date with Monsta X (7,723)
How does your date with the boys from Monsta X go?
who is you lover?
your monsta x placements (4,812)
sun, moon and rising
Who&039;s Your Monsta X Secret Admirer? (4,653)
There is this guy in other class who's secretly having a crush on you, and he's a member o...
which mx member loves you (4,343)
determines ur monsta x soulmate uwu
which monsta x member you&039;re dating? (3,841)
monsta x loves you :)
Your Compatibility Score with Monsta X M... (3,535)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's Your Compatibility Score wit...
Your Monsta X Soulmate (2,892)
Who Is Your Monsta X Soulmate?
Monsta X****marry, kill (2,439)
I was bored
Your day with Monsta X (2,341)
How your day with Monsta X will go
Which Monsta X song are you? (1,981)
Which Monsta X song are you?
which monsta x gom are you most like? (1,254)
who's ur mx gomsona
Who is your Monsta X bias? (979)
Can this shindan guess your Monsta X bias?
Which type of Monbebe are you? (409)
Find out which type of Monbebe you are!
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