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Which got7 member you are? (31)
Got7 member, you radiate vibes. STAN GOT7!
— how you do on produce 101/48 (detailed... (38)
self explanatory! 💖 goodluck
0 kpop by @joyhriz
Red Velvet Season 1:Saiyan Saga Part 1 (12)
Red Velvet Vs. Raditz
Top 20 other bands classic rock and girl... (15)
Best 20 Band
All your firsts with ATEEZ (81)
First bestfriend, first kiss, first love~
Top 10 other bands classic rock and girl... (11)
Best 10 Band
Your EXID Bias (47)
Data Version
What's your ateez pick up line?
kpop girl generator (89)
get a kpop girl!
1 kpop by @J1NKUU
What&039;s your KPOP Idol life? (118)
What's your position, how long did your group last, and what was your big controversy?
What&039;s your Relationship with EXID (29)
This Test Will Show You What's your Relationship with EXID
Which type of Monbebe are you? (103)
Find out which type of Monbebe you are!
btscore (222)
what’s ur btscore ?
You as a 9th member of ateez (150)
9 makes 1 team
which track from got7’s mini album DYE a... (35)
dye aoty
You Become an Idol (322)
Your life become a successfull idol....
You & BTS (212)
BTS in your life.....
Your KPOP Idol Positions (2,069)
to determine your positional strengths as a kpop idol
How big of an Army are you? (162)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-115 to generate the user's "ARMY Score."
who is your actual bias in ATEEZ (152)
If you get bias wrecker often, I got a solution lol and obviously why.
underrated kpop group you should stan (120)
You get a random group and you have to listen to them that's the dynamic hehe. I'll update...
Who is your soulmate in the boyz (210)
government assigned kpop boy (190)
what it says on the tin baby / follow me @02sheep
In which Kpop group will you debut? (189)
See in which group you will debut! Will you debut in a group like BTS or ATEEZ? or more nugu groups ...
School Life With TXT (171)
This is a joint effort between me and @taedropss. *DISCLAIMER* Everything in this is made to be as ...
nflying relationships! (262)
relationship with nflying!
life with onlyoneof (36)
oh my goodness
fight with treasure (150)
what will happen :0
a day with mcnd (90)
what could happen in a day?
mcnd relationships! (86)
relationship with mcnd!
who&039;s your loona girlfriend (kpop) (60)
let's see who your loona girlfriend is
VIXX fanfic generator (82)
Need new ideas for your vixx fanfic?
What txt song are you (130)
I want to be a punk - txt
which jackson wang solos are you? (52)
in celebration of 100ways coming out!
who&039;s your cravity soulmate? (745)
find out who in cravity is your soulmate!
who&039;s your kpop mother (107)
see which female idol is your mother
which kpop idol would fight you? (7,492)
and would you win?
Which Newkidd member are you most like? (23)
Stan Newkidd!
Which ENOi member are you most like? (23)
your life as a 2nd gen kpop idol (114)
ah second gen....hidden controversies and bangers.
What company will accept you and what ro... (139)
What company will you be in and for what role will they assign you
which bts ship are you? (3,982)
find out which bts ship correlates with your name
your relationship with mamamoo (104)
there's not enough mamamoo content on this website so i'll make it my damn self
Descubre tu MBTI de kpop.
Tus peleas en el concierto de BTS. (66)
Sin pelea no hay alegría.
whats ur government assigned exo song? (243)
what it says on the tin baby. includes subunits, does not include solo songs/artists
ATEEZ as your housemate (339)
Let's see what happen when you live the same rooftop with ateez
kpop song recommendation (101)
i just like these songs a lot (wayv included!!)
Kpop gg relationship (210)
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