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sleepover with the boyz (209)
just for fun :3 stan talent, stan the boyz ot12
NCT as your twitter mutuals // OT21 (13)
just for fun :3
You as a K-Pop Idol (50)
just for fun :3 hope u like it!
which kpop girl group are you? (39)
i really threw in every gg i could think of but there's definitely some missing lmao.
what are you to cix&039;s members? (20)
find our what the members of cix think about you
Which Ateez Member Do You Match With? (38)
Find out what Ateez member you're most compatible with.
who in NCT do you share a braincell with (131)
who do you have to share the brain with?
your relationships with EXO (34)
what relationship will you have with EXO members? just for fun and jokes~ (daily results!)
your relationships with B1A4 (7)
what relationship will you have with B1A4 members? just for fun and jokes~ (daily results!)
your relationships with SEVENTEEN (27)
what relationship will you have with SEVENTEEN members? just for fun and jokes~ (daily results)
Your KPop Talents! (590)
what position(s) would you have? visual rapper? maknae vocalist? let's find out
which call my name track are you? (22)
support got7 and stream call my name and figure out who u would be if u were a track on the mini-alb...
which kpop group should you stan (60)
instagram @taehyungs.left.toe
Relationships with nct (ot21) members (48)
Like title says
Kpop Gf (27)
Kpop GF diagnosis. All results 18+.
dreamcatcher as girlfriends (63)
who's your dreamcatcher girlfriend?
who in x1 kills you (102)
im bored
x1 astrology (86)
sun + moon + rising
ur relationship with x1 (126)
im bored again
How would your Kpop boy/girl/co-ed group... (154)
The title says it all.
How compatible are you with your bias? (693)
Instead of putting in your name, put your bias'
What is your K-pop boy alignment? (769)
Did it work? What k-pop boy are you?
Relationship with gg&039;s (37)
which monsta x gom are you most like? (248)
who's ur mx gomsona
Who is your BTS Soulmate (844)
Find out your BTS Soulmate!
Your Kpop girlgroup (190)
How would your life as a kpop idol be?
1 Kpop by @lumyhwa
Your Cherry Bullet Bias (20)
Find out who your Cherry Bullet Bias is
jungkook’s words of advice (253)
what advice does jungkook have to offer you
WJSN Eunseo x Random Male Idols (11)
Play this if you ship Eunseo x Male idols
what taehyung haircolor reprents you bes... (191)
truly the question
Who&039;s your Teen Top ship? (10)
ANGELs, play this if you love TT!
Your future with ATEEZ? (339)
Who's your childhood friend? Your ex? Your crush? Find out!
Who is your A.C.E boyfriend? (147)
All of A.C.E are boyfriend material. But who is your boyfriend?
noir ; f*ck, marry, kill (247)
stream doom doom
a.c.e era composition (94)
junhee babie
the boyz era composition (128)
if its not all jikilge then oof
seventeen era composition (135)
rose quartz and serenity flows through your veins bro (also if you’re on mobile, click “request des...
which idol is your sleep paralyis demon (3,560)
armyorbitreveluvonces rise up (mutual me)
If you were in a kpop group (1,372)
I would stan you tbh
What kpop group/soloist should you stan? (120)
You are required by law to stan who you get
astro showing love (67)
the biggest y/n prompt writer
working with the boyz (164)
where you work + your co-worker from tbz
svt showing love (81)
the biggest y/n prompt writer
tbz showing love (175)
the biggest y/n prompt writer
a.c.e showing love (171)
the biggest y/n prompt writer
a.c.estrology (240)
find out your a.c.e natal charts or whatever, idea from boyzlog
Multifandom life on Twitter (95)
A short test to see what multifandom you would be on Twitter
how many braincells do you share with lo... (239)
how many braincells do you and a loona member share and how are they divided? let's find out.
nu&039;est as placements (26)
if nu'est were your sun, moon, rising, venus and mars ...
a.c.e astrology (150)
sun moon and rising!
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