[Girls] diagnoses on that theme

Diagnoses on the theme of [Girls].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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what girl group energy do you give off? (93,789)
which girl group do you vibe with the most
Your Inner Magical Girl! (8,384)
From laces to frills, how kawaii are you?
government assigned kpop girl (8,260)
blackpink, red velvet, twice, mamamoo, apink, aoa, girls generation, exid, gfriend, loona, g-idle
Ideal waifu? (3,988)
Gives you an anime character that would make a good waifu for you!
Anime girls in your family! (3,251)
Which anime girls will be your mother, sister and daughter in your next life ?
You are a Puella Magi (2,365)
So let's see what happens
OC generator for women (177)
For women. Not men. Created by a man.
Name Generator (GIRLS) (159)
Girl name generator.
youngri (149)
diagnoses your name
Idolophobia (137)
What body do you fear in your idol? What concert? And what doing'?
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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