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Diagnoses on the theme of [FFXIV].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Your bad ending in Final Fantasy XIV (10,715)
How your character will meet their fate in FFXIV. By RJAIN // seinobyte
How you will wipe your FFXIV party (9,401)
Find out why everyone's yelling in the Discord.
Who is your FFXIV crush? (3,031)
Which npc do you have a crush on in Final Fantasy XIV? [More results to be added in the future]
Your Final Fantasy XIV Life (2,577)
This is just the beginning of your Eorzean adventure!
Your Final Fantasy XIV job class (1,922)
Are you a Black Mage ? a Monk ?
FFXIV Horny Hour (1,799)
Who are you going to spend horny hour with?
What is your FFXIV Job and item level? (1,014)
Find out your FFXIV job, and how good your gear is!
How Gay™ is your WOL? (818)
Stay Woke
Your Final Fantasy XIV city-state (489)
Are you from Ishgard or from Ul'dah ?
Which /xivg/ Ebin is your Enemy and Frie... (229)
There's many different ebins in /xivg/. The question begs... which Ebin hates your guts? And wh...
FFXIV 🍔🍟 (130)
I could go for a burger.
Wassail at the &039;Buncle&039;s Tail! (85)
Wassail, wassail - enter your character's name to see what their cracker contains! [ For a bit ...
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