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Diagnoses on the theme of [Christmas].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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[Character Name] Has Appeared! (5,037)
Christmas Edition
What kind of coal are you? (1,000)
Everyone's worried about getting coal, but what kind of coal are you?
Christmas with Infinite (966)
Christmas Present (862)
What will you get and from who?
Predict Your Christmas Presents (544)
What are you getting for Christmas this year?
Christmas is in Danger! (427)
Can you save it!?
What you might get on X&039;mas (407)
What you might get on the next X'mas? ((40+ random present)) From who? ((50+ random anime/manga...
What&039;s Your Christmas Elf Name? (352)
You're a jolly elf working for Santa. What's your name?
Horrible Holiday Nickname Generator (286)
The nickname goblins have returned with a holiday version, so feel free to slather your little pizza...
Encouragement Christmas Cake (148)
2 young man dressed as santa giving christmas (fortune cookies) cake to everyone they meet in the wa...
Star Pointer : Christmas Shindan! (131)
Tentukan nasib anakmu di hari spesial Natal, dengan shindan ini! hehe! Have fun! o(*^▽^*)o
Who are you? (x-mas Theme) (113)
Who are you? Lets see!
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