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Jock Nerd Goth Prep Alignment (323)
Which of these high school stereotypes are you? Does not show CHART!=ERROR like most shindans
Create-a-goth (310)
Want to generate your own goth Character? Well here you go! BTW guys this is female only! I'll ...
mallgoth alignment (284)
0 by @glavenus
What Vampire are You? (213)
Which vampire are you?
Pastel gore username (213)
Get your very own pastel gore username!
Your dgm darling (213)
find your gothic booty
Gothic (206)
What’s your regional American gothic
Which Pillar of Nosgoth are you affliate... (203)
Each Pillar, and their respective Pillar Guardian, was assigned to a principle: Mind, Dimension, Con...
Evil Goth Name Generator (184)
Need a new name?? Naming a baby?? Just Bored??? Well we have the generator for you!!
Goth gay knight (101)
Using full armor set. Combine artorias chestplate with modified goblin slayer helmet. He's kind...
enstars s/o (101)
is arashi ur girl? are u rei's big tiddy goth gf? take this to find out.
wolfie (83)
lil pup
Clown gimp goth (22)
Have fun kids
0 by @nettie182
Life Of AJ (20)
FIRST OFF, I'M PUNK/GOTHIC IT'S YOUR PUNK PRINCESS I'm a weirdo. weird because I&...
Holygothic (19)
Nothing (^~^)
thegothcowcrab (12)
bi genderfluid femine
gothgrrrlclique (9)
lmao idk
Vincent (6)
goth boy of your dreams
Personal page (5)
Big tiddie goth gf plz
0 by @chichoyoo
Fewns (3)
dracsbat (2)
hellgirljordy (2)
i’m baby
Yogoth (1)
Lauren Clark (1)
Pretty yung goth bitch
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