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your kpop playlist~✿ (48)
generates a kpop song list for you (includes b-sides and korean produced english/chinese/japanese so...
Are Johnny and Natalia dating? (16)
I'm pretty sure they are but let's confirm
Who You’re Dating In Twice! (535)
Who you’re dating and some facts about the relationship
Crush or Slush - The Predator Dating Sho... (300)
Welcome to Crush or Slush, the only dating show that pairs prey with predators to see if love can ov...
dating astro (342)
how did you guys meet? what's your relationship like? and most importantly, who in astro is you...
Embers of Tunes dating simulation (14)
A prototype
wayv - who is your soulmate? (13,913)
well i’m bored :(
txt - who is your soulmate? (4,131)
stan txt y’all :)
what’s your compatibility with exo? (36,191)
have fun uwu
— your life with nct (16,149)
hEY I’m bAck ;)
dating with monsta x (2,255)
go on a date
Who are you dating from the Akatsuki (165)
i added deidara twice because i'm bitter
a day with golden child (307)
how you spend a day with a golcha member. 🤟🥰 this can b in the dating way or the bff way i dont car...
a day with seventeen scenario (473)
this can b in the dating way or the bff way i dont care
Inside of dating NSFW (1,170)
So you decide to try this dating app your friend recommended. And you immediately get a message of a...
! YOUR DATING STATS ! (29,584)
What are your dating stats?
Monster Seeking Monster ... Prom Edition... (241)
Hey Jackbox player! We heard that you are looking to find a monstrous date but you just can't s...
Which Vocaloid or Utau are you dating (144)
Let's see... 🤔
Utapri Shuffle Unit (Updated!!) (580)
So my original shuffle unit shindan was missing Heavens, and after the anniversary announcements tod...
Your Date with the Elsword gang (89)
Describes your date with the 3rd job path Characters.
Fate/Grand Order Date♂ Ver.2 (3,339)
updated version.2 of Fate/Grand Order Date♂→https://en.shindanmaker.com/763979 where will these Guy ...
Statulator (2,943)
the Stat Calculator. it does the it. All results are final, unless updating the Statulator changes t...
DD Double Confession (35)
Two DD会社 boys confess to you. What now? Inspired by this https://shindanmaker.com/407885
which monsta x member you&039;re dating? (2,746)
monsta x loves you :)
living with seventeen (2,001)
*slipped into the diamond life*
Pokègirl dating game (164)
Which Pokègirl you date and where you go out
what’s your relationship with seventeen? (5,552)
have fun~! ^^
living with bts (24,885)
omg bts comeback is real i’m dying
your life with day6 (8,019)
see for yourself~!
bts - draw your life (19,285)
bts - life as a kpop idol (2,426)
yea the title says it all :)
bts - high school edition (2,836)
choose your fate~~!
relationship with mx (9,743)
100% real kihyun monitors this himself btw you're gonna be marrying who you're dating bc i...
BTS member who dating you today (1,832)
Whos bts member will dating with you today?
idolmaster girl date V.2 (599)
based off the idolmaster girl date by WriterNightpen the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/2...
Your Monster Boyfriend (1,332)
Date yourself some monster boys! Results change daily.
Weeaboo Tavern Dating (41)
Which member of the Weeaboo Tavern will you date? A hunky bartender? A regular tavern-goer? The head...
you date with shokugeki no soma! (118)
based on @dolceconaffetto , the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/465902 Some results I made...
Random Game (69)
Random games I have played I guess, lazy but will try updating whenever I play a new game or remembe...
Dadsona generator (5,882)
Generates a one-of-kind dadsona for all of your dadding needs! Inspired by Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating...
What kind of dating sim character are yo... (717)
This tells you what kind of character you'd be if you were in a dating sim. This is my first Sh...
Your Own Dating Sim! (1,050)
Find out what kind of dating sim you would be in and who your prospective lovers are!
2 by @aonyx
v basic oc prompt (64)
basic oc prompt tool im writing rq (updating a lot just now)
0 by @atinyvix
look ur dating overwatch now (1,219)
this is a joke what the hecc ecks dee lamayo
Boyfriend Generator (1,248)
Why bother with dating when you can just generate a boyfriend?
Which of my OCs are you dating? (83)
dont look at me
I know both Keyaki&039;s members are dat... (289)
Just kidding
Which of pikas ocs are u dating (30)
Don't look at me
Your Dating Service (170,800)
based on @qen000's the original here→https://shindanmaker.com/520721 it is not my idea!!!!! on...
33 by @jumomji
Dating BTS (3,626)
Cute dating scenarios
1 Bts
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