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Your Titan Kill Count (1,748)
If you were a member of the Survey Corps, what would your kill count and assistances be?
What classic RPG role are you? (739)
DPS, Tank, or Healer?
0 by @TimlaVmun
What Soviet Tank Are You? (346)
I'd put USSR, Soviet, and Soviet_Union tags were it not for the tag limit
Stanky Fishy (272)
Are you stanky, fishy, does your coochie itch or do you have STDs??
What are you as a unit? (239)
A test run on a unit system. Stars: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|Omni|God Classes: Warrior, Tank, Duelist, Arch...
which stanky discord user are you/person... (231)
i am an idiot if I missed your name tell me lmao made by hana
0    by @jushiis
What German WWII Tank Are You? (195)
first shindan that I've created?
What Tank Do You Drive? (187)
How do you roll into battle?
What Type of Zombie are you? (177)
Just a thing for when you become one of "them". Now with tank zombie types!!! Now includin...
what tank are you (165)
are you my dog
What American WWII Tank Are You? (121)
pokemon joke (115)
who's your Cool Pokemon Partner™️? find out in twelve easy steps. important note: some pokemon ...
Methane fart percentage!! (104)
How stanky your fart is
How stanky fishy are you?? (53)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "XX Score."
Tanker (39)
Brave Tanker, Love to Rush into a dozen of enemies to protect Other teamnates
tank (16)
Elevendy (7)
A World of Tanks Player
stank (4)
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