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How THICC are you?!? (197,374)
What percentage of thicc are you
Your Inner Psychopath Percentage (58,861)
Check out how crazy your inner self is...
Waifu meter (433,560)
What percentage are you a Waifu?
Hot! 67 waifu
How evil are you (from 0 to 100 percent) (69,136)
Shows you how evil you are
How strong are the Deadly Sins in you? (72,239)
Percentage meter.
How lonely are you? (68,205)
Your percentage of Loneliness
Husbando Meter (33,020)
What is your percentage as a husbando? (`・ω・´)
How Ugly Are You? (16,348)
Know your ugliness in percentage!
Dere Meter ! (13,424)
Find your percentage Dere meter ! XD
Fujoshi Percentage (5,981)
Proud fujoshi! How awesome are you? :D
Alignment Percentage (5,312)
Find the breakdown of your alignment
What percentage of you is Trash? (3,414)
By trash, I mean like a super fan. Like for instance, I am trash for music.
Your CUTENESS (2,881)
The percentage of how cute you are
What&039;s your gay percentage? (2,272)
know how gay you are!
Personality trait test (2,158)
Find your TOTALLY ACCURATE personality traits and their percentages here.
100% Otaku! (1,833)
What percentage are you?
Type of Demon (1,742)
You're a demon, but what kind?
Ultimate Perverted Meter (1,653)
So... I've seen this kind of shindan around... So I dicided to 'upgrade' them and mak...
Just how gay are you? (1,637)
No percentages, no bullshit, just how gay are you
how baby are u (1,615)
find out ur percentage level of baby
Jewish-o-meter (1,347)
How Jewish are you?
F*ckboy Percentage (1,127)
Just how much of a f*ckboy are you?
Type of Angel (1,029)
If you were an Angel, what type would you be?
How Big of a Weeb Are You Today? (994)
Measures your percentage level of Weeb on any given day.
How yaoi are you? (864)
Figure out your yaoi percentage today!
Furfag o&039;metre (766)
How much of a furfag are you?
How HOT/BEAUTIFUL you are (741)
The percentage of how hot/beautiful you are
Your luck today! (648)
Check it out! See how lucky you will be today!
What percentage trash are you? (642)
Check to see how trash you are
0 by @GabbyLVR
well of slut are you? (596)
That percentage is you of slut
How much percentage of your body is sin ... (592)
Title explains all. -Lovinpeaces
What is your sexy percentage? (576)
This is just a test to see how attractive you are. This is just for fun; pls don't hate.
how funny you are? (445)
percentage of your humor
0 by @natwonn
Dickriding Percentage (443)
See Who You Dickride And How Much You Dickride Them
Damage of your skill (411)
As the title says. While lesser percentage, less SP, no matter how many hits you deal. (10%-5000%)
What Battery Percentage are you? (365)
What amount of battery life are you right now?
0 by @artommu
Weeb Percentage (347)
See if you're a full ben or if you're ronan
What percentage kpop are you (332)
Are you very kpop
How good is your fancouple (280)
Is it terrible? Is it great? Find out here.
Percent Gay (264)
Percentage of gay
How much does your crush like you ? (243)
See if your crush likes you! 100% certified by me.
What percentage of your words are lies. (237)
In title c'mon it's not that hard to read. :/
Your Aunn Percentage (218)
Are you a Good Bean or not, compared to good bean supreme Komano Aunn? Find out with this Shindan th...
What&039;s you percentage of madness ? (212)
How mad are you ?
Crush Status (208)
Percentages. Status.
Faggot Meter (208)
What is your percentage as a faggot?
how much of a bitch are you? (202)
What percentage of gay are you? (192)
This is a joke quiz, please don't take it seriously.
Your BDE percentage (163)
hold it down
0 by @ann3am
How Hax Are You? (162)
Find out your Hax Percentage.
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