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married with bts (46,666)
With bts oppa
Conversation with KPOP idol (37,556)
How you will meet your oppars etc (fangirls only)
14 kpop
Happy Life With K-Pop Oppa! (35,726)
Your cute dream life with your k-pop oppa.
Your Confession to Oppa (28,505)
For Fangirls..
Life with your SMTown oppars (22,997)
As title. Nope you don't marry them here.
8 kpop
Oppa Romance! (16,028)
Find your true Kpop lover
after ur date with oppa (8,928)
what will happen
Your Life with Shinee Oppars (6,488)
find out who you marry where u live and how many kids o ya
How oppa kiss you? (5,936)
Your pervert oppa!!!
Does oppa love you? (5,470)
are you soulmates or not?
what is your destiny?
Your future with your oppas (4,699)
See what your future prepares to you
Who Will Kill You? (KPOP VER.) (4,609)
ya ya ya oppa doesnt like you he'll kill you
My Kpop Saesang Life (4,522)
You are a wannabe ulzzang just dying to meet your bias! You love your oppa/unnie so much you move to...
MASH, 2012 nugu idol edition! (4,351)
Play MASH with 2012 nugu oppars :D
Your ultimate oppa (3,965)
The oppa who you are destined to be with 5ever
Your Exo Love (3,621)
You needs to get the sarang from your opparrrs. Find out how you and Korea's favourite twerk queens ...
Which oppa is ur sasaeng lolz (3,516)
finD out which oppa wants u n how they'll staLK U
Where will your 1st date be? (3,160)
Your first date with your oppa!
0 by @_Trollacc
Are you a hard stan or a soft stan (KPOP... (3,016)
Find out if you’re a hard stan or a soft stan when it comes to your oppars and unnirs 🤪
Your first encounter with Oppa (2,988)
Find out what your first encounter with a Kolean poppeu idol would be like
Marry U SuJu (2,975)
The reason why do you want to marry SuJu oppa.
Kpop Wedding~ (2,889)
You and oppa/noona get married!! What will the wedding theme be????
Bạn, SJ và những nụ hôn (2,786)
Nụ hôn đầu tiên của bạn thuộc về Oppa nào??
0 by @EunLily
What kind of Imouto are You? (2,751)
What type of Imouto are You, You could be a Loli, Big-Breasted Girl, Oppai Loli and Average Girl and...
Snow Day With Boyfriend(k-pop) (2,580)
There was a blizzard overnight and now you and oppa are snowed in on Christmas Eve!
1 k-pop
Kpop Pet Name ♥︎ (2,293)
What does Oppa call you~?
Oppaiometer (2,287)
Let's see how much oppaiable / tsurupettanable you are
hot night with oppa (2,280)
which oppa?
How gigaoppai are you? (2,194)
For those who wish for their busts to reach the heavens. Of course, you can just use this as a start...
7 lewd
How high your dream to get married with ... (2,140)
Curious? How many percent %
Oppa part of body that you like. (2,116)
Pervert now!!!
Which k-idol you want at your place? (1,815)
K-idol at your place!!!
oppaihunter (1,736)
0 by @eskodox
Why oppa want to marry you? (1,724)
How you get married with oppa. (1,545)
How you meet oppa and get married.
kawaii life (1,354)
ur kawaii life with oppa <3
How many children with oppa? (1,294)
Children with oppa
Kawaii oppa (infinite ver.) (1,093)
what u and infinite oppas do in da future <3
Why oppa doesn't love u (1,056)
now you can finally know why oppa doesn't sarang u baek
how gay is ur oppa (1,034)
does he like it up da butt or not
How bigs are your Oppai in an anime ? (963)
Let´s see how big is your breast if you were an anime character ! ♪(´ε` )
0 Anime
Big Bang Oppar (885)
Which Big Bang member is your oppar?
X1 as your siblings (783)
What kind of oppa / dongsaeng is he? Find out!
Your Life With MBLAQ (512)
Let's see how's your life with MBLAQ oppadeul :D
0 by @alkuma35
Which korean actor suit you. (420)
Who'll you get.
B1A4 date (390)
A date with oppar
why does oppa want to marry you? (389)
Get to know why
0 Oppa
Which oppa loves you and who hates you? (387)
Oppai Loli Brat (369)
What kind of oppai loli brat are you?
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