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Which Noragami character loves / hates y... (1,933)
Just like what the title says! Hope you like it! ^_^
0 Anime
Which God are you (From Noragami)? (1,201)
Which one of the gods are you?
which noragami character are you? (715)
Noragami ~
Daily Yukine (402)
An image dose of Yukine from Noragami.
S o n j a (233)
Misao, Rune Factory, Fairy tail, Passionate hate for SAO, Fire Emblem, Elfen lied, Vocaloid, Food, F...
Your Noragami Waifu (218)
Du als Noragami Charakter (21)
Hier erfährst welche Art von Noragami du bist.
Noragami laifu! (10)
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