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Your Character Profile in FE3H (27,666)
What would your profile look like in FE3H?
Your FE3H character! (14,784)
Who will you be in the FE3H universe?
[Fire Emblem: Three Houses] Unit Generat... (10,001)
Create your own unit from FE3H! (Beware of spoilers!)
Fire Emblem Three Houses OC Maker (3,146)
An OC maker for you to make a character for FE3H! Colour name is HTML Image Colour is the colour tha...
FE3H Student Generator (1,729)
Generates a character's house, proficiencies, and starting class from Fire Emblem Three Houses
Dates with FE3H Characters (1,163)
What would a date with one of the FE3H characters be like? Find out!
Kiss, Marry, Kill - Fire Emblem Three Ho... (873)
Who will you kiss, marry or kill from FE3H?
Which big booty blue lions bitch are you... (829)
A very vulgar and offensive FE3H diagnosis... You've been warned.
Fire Emblem 3 Houses Life (716)
A memegen. net inspired life story for you in the FE3H world
Government Assigned FE3H Kin (702)
What else do I gotta say? This will government assign you a fe3h kin and there's nothing you ca...
FE3H Hot Take Generator (638)
get your (incredibly silly) hot takes here
Your FE stats (408)
Your stats if you were a fire emblem character
Randomized FE3H Outfit Generator (407)
outfit swap generator (rattles bells) come get yalls outfit swaps (if there is overlap i am so sorry...
What&039;s your Fire Emblem: Three House... (294)
Find out what FE:3H crest you have! All of the crests from FE:3H, including the crests from Dragon s...
Which FE3H Character Do You Vibe With (125)
Your Three Houses Unit (78)
Idk I’m trying here
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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