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Total people diagnosed : 8,986 people
1. What should you do to GOT7? (4,440)
here's some advice.
2. EXO fic prompter (2,310)
go write me fic
3. johnnys/kishidan ship creator (806)
which johnnys/kishidan pairing should you ship today?
4. news fic prompt generator (305)
like finger love
5. Your Mahou Shoujo Anime (297)
you're the star of a mahou shoujo anime. what is it like?
6. Your J&A Date (264)
you got a date w/ a johnnys boy. lets see what friday got on yall. [kusanagi tsuyoshi = tsuyopon, do...
7. Your DD Date (146)
you got a date w/ a DD会社 boy. lets see what happened.
8. DD Double Confession (124)
Two DD会社 boys confess to you. What now? Inspired by this https://shindanmaker.com/407885
9. johnnys fic prompt generator (115)
go write me fic
10. johnny's west fic prompt generator (93)
gayjanaika gayjanaika
11. v6 fic prompt generator (49)
[sakamoto voice] sexy
12. EBiDAN combi generator (37)
why not!!!!! over 100 themes
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