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1. JoJo's Bizarre Ship Generator (139)
Crack ships, crack ships, come get your crack ships! Randomly chooses 2 JJBA characters from ALL par...
2. Which JoJo character should you simp for... (253)
[MAJOR UPDATE]: Now includes every JJBA character (2 results, all characters and major only)! Daily ...
3. Your life in JoJo's Bizarre Adventu... (254)
Find out how your life will play out in JJBA! What role will you take, what part will you be in, and...
4. How strong is your stand? (645)
Find out how strong your stand would be in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
5. Which Ariana Grande Album Are You? (30)
Find out which Ari album you are! (Only includes the main 5 albums)
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