Momoiro Keisu
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japanese❌ || immature 20 y.o person || wRiTiNg iS mY pAsSiOn || fan account alias tempat sampah
South Tangerang


Total people diagnosed : 4,294 people
1. Current Relationship with Seiyuu [Mix Se... (146)
Find out your relationship with seiyuu just by typing your name!
2. The Best For You Part II [Male Seiyuus O... (1,088)
Again, just put your name and you'll know the result.
3. The Best for You [Male Seiyuu Edition] (1,364)
Just put your name and you'll know.
4. A Situation With Seiyuu [Male Only] (677)
Find out how awkward your situation with seiyuus out there!
5. A Date With Seiyuus [Male Only] (1,019)
Find out who's accompany you in few conditions
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