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Total people diagnosed : 1,309 people
1. Who in Genshin is absolutely not your so... (906)
Absolutely not your soulmate means like you really don't have a chance at all with this person ...
2. Who in B-Project is absolutely not your ... (34)
Here comes the truth! I will hurt.
3. B-Project Valentines day! (71)
Who will you give chocolate to? Is it as you hoped for?
4. Who in Kitakore loves you? (53)
Between Tomo and Ryuuji, who loves you the most? Let’s check it out! Have fun?
5. Who in THRIVE loves you? (92)
Time to check who in THRIVE loves you the most!
6. Who in Killer King loves you? (60)
See who in Killer Kong loves you the most! Have fun!
7. Who in MooNs loves you? (93)
Time to see who loves you the most in B-Project MooNs!
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