Christine Ong
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🤣 LAUGHTER is the best medicine 💃🏻 I teach self-love in WOMEN 🌟 I believe that having the right mindset is EVERYTHING 💖 Love ALWAYS heals


Total people diagnosed : 24,383 people
1. Name Generator (6,622)
Find out your name! Who knows if you might get something really nice :P
2. You're thinking of.... (2,090)
READ HERE FIRST!! - Think of the first person/thing/image that came to your mind when your question ...
3. What's your greatest fear? (3,475)
Everyone has their own fear.....
4. Fujoshi Percentage (5,879)
Proud fujoshi! How awesome are you? :D
5. Favorite Body Part (2,717)
Find out your favorite body part! :D
6. Junjou Romantica Lover (1,442)
Just for fun :)))))! JR lovers!
7. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Lover (2,158)
Who will you pair with? :P!
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