great canadian bagel
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hello // i rt steven universe, memes and many other things


Total people diagnosed : 77,176 people
1. three words to describe you (20,461)
this shindan will describe you, using only three words. accuracy may vary.
4 You
2. what you really mean (19,347)
because you don't really mean you're fine
3. im like dropping hints (15,358)
what are you dropping hints about ?
4. does your otp become canon (14,156)
can't wait to find out? input any ship to determine if it really happens in the end.
5. your past life animal (2,101)
describes what animal you were in your past life, and their personality
6. harambe (1,729)
can you bring him back to life?
7. how many Pearl Points have you earned? (1,529)
Pearl Points are awarded for punctuality, perseverance and positivity! (Steven Universe)
8. does your fave die (1,391)
your favourite character might die; save yourself the pain by finding out now.
9. are you the meme lord (1,104)
the one question on all of our minds
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