🐶 💣 ❤️🌻 Root Boltwood
@_Stormfruit_ Twitter
A rotund artsy-ish binturong with a thing for round guys and round guy accessories. ⚠WARNING⚠: NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN TO VIEW. Arts: @BoltwoodWorks
Somewhere in the US


Diagnosed by 8,659 people.
1. Massive Mishaps (3,390)
How will you blow up today and what will be your fate? (Alt. version of the Expandimals)
2. Expandimals (2,944)
Your input will blow up and determine the fate of a random animal! Which one will they be today and ...
3. Kemo Questing (2,325)
You're the hero of your own RPG! Which anthropomorphic adventurer will you recruit to aid in yo...
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