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He/Him / 19 / Cishet (disgusting, I know) / Anime, manga, light novels, anisongs, visual novels, JRPGs, etc.! / ♥ Fran & Cordelia / icon by @vanitaslovemail


Total people diagnosed : 6,943 people
1. Which Tales protagonist are you? (947)
Tales of Life (probably the worst entry in the series)
2. What is your Persona (1,447)
Who do you awaken to as your Persona?
3. What Super High School Level Talent do y... (267)
What will you be called at Hope's Peak?
4. Your Anime Opening (527)
Hopefully it's a good one.
5. What kind of Pokemon are you (537)
Gens 1-8
6. Your Fate Servant stats (2,846)
I ask of you: are you my Servant?
7. What's Your Summoned Servant? (372)
What Servant from the Fate/ series will you turn out to summon?
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