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Total people diagnosed : 4,977 people
1. Which "Dere" are you ? (1,276)
The [USER]'s type of Dere is [LIST1] ! #createdwithShindanMaker Made by @NeptunaAera
2. Random Generator of Ship "My Hero A... (787)
This generator has no unique use, you can use it to: revive your inspiration for drawing, play, drea...
3. Why are you cute ? (732)
Oh my god, I've never seen someone so cute. This is what makes you exceptional.
4. You in Danganronpa (612)
What would be your identity and your relation if you were in Danganronpa ?
5. Your relation in My Hero Academia (575)
If you were in Yuei, what would your relationships be in class 1-A?
6. What is your house in Harry Potter ? (404)
You just received your admission letter for Hogwarts. Get on your broom, sorcerer's apprentice ...
7. Are you a good idol ? (302)
Thanks to a radar graphic, this generator will reveal you if you are a good idol or not!
8. Your Otaku skills (168)
Who is the best otaku?
9. HEAVEN or HELL ? (121)
Everyone on Earth has just lost their lives. It is time to judge your souls and your life in order t...
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