Total people diagnosed : 7,730 people
1. what meme r u (499)
le meme xD
2. Genderbent VOCALOID Love (832)
which vocaloid genderbend loves you
3. Your Werewolf Name (1,293)
moon moon
4. Vocaloid OT3 (433)
what is your vocaloid ot3
5. male vocaloid harem (610)
6. Shameless Self-Insert VocaOTP (543)
shamelessly ship yourself with a vocaloid you frikcin otaku
7. Self-Insert VOCALOID OT3 (466)
youre in a ot3 have fun
8. VOCALOID Love (2,601)
which vocaloid loves you
9. Upcoming VOCALOID3 (121)
Who is it? It's you, of course!
10. The Oregon Trail (332)
How will you fare on the journey to Oregon?
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