#123 Scyther
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Pronoun: They | Orientation: non-traditional | Age: Yes | PoGo: L37 Mystic | WU: L26 Professor Credit for icon and header go to their respective artists.
A place that does not exist according to common US media


Total people diagnosed : 4,051 people
1. Pokémon Transformations! ...? (2,878)
In front of you stands a machine offering free Pokémon transformations. However, the machine's...
2. Situation Generator (652)
You fall into a plot hole and inexplicably find yourself in a predicament. Thankfully, you're...
3. You are food (255)
Oh no! You are food!
4. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (166)
A popular snack among wizards, the term "every flavor" is quite literal -- anything goes, ...
5. All MASHED Up (100)
A rendition of the classic pen-and-pencil game MASH, sans paper waste.
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