Total people diagnosed : 60,193 people
1. What were your last words? :o (2,073)
because we needed another one of these
2. How cute/cool are you? (1,007)
3. Tragic Backstory Generator (52,370)
How tragicness. So sad. Many tears
4. what is your waifu like (2,551)
what is your waifu like
5. what rp setting will u uise (397)
the setting
6. spirit animall (268)
your spirit animal is?
7. How did you die? (709)
how ded you died did deded. Great for OCs. Put them in here. Cry. You're welcome. Be aware some...
8. how hot are you (507)
How steamin smokin sexy are you
9. How bishieeee are you? (190)
how bishoujo-bishonen are you?
10. Kawaiicute (121)
How kawaii your dummyness is
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