Drake-K, Dragon Cop
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INFP 4w3. Autistic. Antivax. (Atom/Cyber)punk. Starseed. Sex-Repulsed Mechasexual. No longer a green koala. Likes men shiny, not fleshy. ♓️♉️♒️
The bloated corpse of Atlantis


Total people diagnosed : 8,242 people
1. Elder God Name Generator (6,732)
What would your name be in the Cthulhu Mythos?
2. What would your Beyblade be? (564)
Most of these names aren't canon, but they sound awesome.
3. Pony Names (502)
What would your name be if you were a pony. There are over 9,000 possible results!
4. Metal Band Name Generator (444)
If you had a metal band, this is what it would be called.
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