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Total people diagnosed : 610,846 people
101. What RPG Class Are Ye!? (909)
102. Which Dragon's Crown Class Are You (170)
103. Dragon's Crown Waifu (569)
Eh? Eh? Weh!?
104. You as a Magical Girl! (With Type) (51,629)
well then? UPDATED!
105. Your anime female genderswap/waifu (2,527)
Now with species/ability!
106. Your anime! (948)
You can assume that you are the main character
107. You're a Senran Kagura Character! (1,249)
Its Ninja-time!
108. Your Tek-chan (237)
From my original Series.. She'll follow you around and protect you!
109. What does your anime look like? (946)
read title
110. Which anime should you live in? (4,783)
there's a crapton of em, which do you live in?
111. Real Neptunia Waifu (2,423)
For realzies!
112. Your life in Tekken (699)
Welcome to the Tournament!
113. Kancolle Fighting Tournament! (323)
When ships use fists!
114. Fight against your Waifu!? (2,245)
You got into a fight with a character, if you lose, she can claim you!
115. Pokémon Waifu (1,843)
Find out Now!
116. Bullet Hell Waifu! (299)
Now includes Ibara and Dodonpachi!
117. Your Character-Desu! (1,769)
Shall we user-profile-san?~<3
118. Welcome to the World Fighting Tournament... (740)
Input name and get your character profile!
119. Your waifu! (1,886)
Who is it!? No hmsxual couples plz..
120. Your realistic genderswap (3,062)
Now its realistic
121. You're a Dead or Alive Character No... (543)
Who are you then?
122. Welcome to Gamindustri! (1,070)
Wait, who are you again?
123. Christmas is in Danger! (425)
Can you save it!?
124. Your MGQ Waifu (414)
Its a One time thing...….
125. Your real genderswap! Male to Female (6,749)
Wanna see?
126. Your DOA waifu (897)
127. You became an anime character (1,161)
You fell into a portal and became a game or anime character!
128. Your RP for Today! (466)
Not just on Twitter, real life too!
129. Your King of Fighters Waifu (987)
Not anyone who's already with someone though.
130. You're a ship in Kancolle now! (984)
Includes ALL ships! Abyssal and Kanmusu!
131. Tekken Waifu (1,054)
And what happens in your relationship
132. You're a Tekken Character Now? (342)
Who are you really, sonny?
133. Which Fighting Game Do You Live In? (547)
Read da title biatches!
134. Which Fog Ship Are Youuu! (69)
From Arpeggio
135. What kind of poi are you? (122)
You know, if you were a Yuudachi.
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