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Total people diagnosed : 610,675 people
51. A Pokémon Life (For Guys) (1,084)
Kawane Version
52. Tekken! Look like this, Fight like This! (661)
Easy Tekken OCs
53. King of Fighters! Look like this, Fight ... (446)
An entirely new thing
54. You as a Succubus (6,362)
How lewd!
55. Lilim's Favor.... (2,038)
You're close to dying! But one of the Demon Lord's Daughters can save you! But in return.....
56. Your Street Fighter Waifu! (1,162)
A shindan for every fighting game...
57. Your Female Name (1,579)
Is it PURTY?
58. Aloha Alola! (3,538)
What should You do in Sun and Moon!?
59. Pokemon Trainer Class!? (849)
Where do you fit in?
60. Your female Fantasy Character! (2,009)
For you traditional Dungeon-Crawlers!
61. Your life in the Fighting Tournament (1,305)
A.K.A: Fighting Game Harem Simulator
62. Your Life With Monmusu! (2,490)
Your Turn!
63. Which Kanmusu Are You!? (316)
Hi boat-folk
64. Are you Kanmusu or Shinkaisei-Kan? (193)
Unite boat-folk!
65. Super Waifu Generator! (102,433)
66. Your I.D.A. Partner! (199)
</script>Description">Interseries Dimension Agency! Your partner could be from any ani...
67. Can you go SUPER SENPAI!? (2,298)
Can you senpai!? PLEASE!? FOR KOUHAI?
68. Which DBZ Abridged Character are you? (503)
For Team Four Star!
69. Soul Calibur Waifu (584)
No yuri please...
70. Your HDD Form! (3,368)
Guys, don't be afraid to take it!
71. You found a CPU Memory! (2,208)
did it work?
72. What kind of Waifu do you have? (2,115)
all sorts of 'em
73. Senran Kagura Waifu! (2,223)
Oh, YAY!
74. God Eater Waifu (477)
For the love of Goddess!
75. Neptunia OC (2,878)
Game on bro
76. You and your friends...Animefied! (625)
Google characters you don't know
77. Anime relations (674)
Google characters you don't know
78. Anime Transformation!? (3,907)
Just Google any characters you don't know of.
79. Urban Legend Waifu!? (559)
You get no say in the matter.
80. What kind of admiral are you? (582)
81. Monmusu Quest Harem (702)
82. Your Life in Gamindustri! (1,576)
Don't die OK! You're the only playable male character(s)!
83. Your true identity! (2,004)
You're not who you say you are....
84. Monmusu Quest R4PE Time (1,600)
Oh schizer...
85. Abyssal Waifu? (769)
86. Monmusu Waifu(s)! (2,381)
Why not more than one?
87. Your run-in with a Monmusu (1,327)
Who could you get violated by today?
88. Your Senran Kagura Life! (1,236)
Huh!? Your the one GUY!? What happens!? Find out now! Waifu shindan up next!
89. YOU are the Monmusu! (1,031)
Chill out mang!
90. Anime Bodyswap X type? (714)
Garrega GARREGA!
91. Mamono waifu (1,546)
Oh, my..
92. Which Shinkaisei-Kan are you? (200)
WO.. Wo!
93. You as an Ibara Character (79)
94. You're a WITCH! (1,310)
Cast a spell... I DARE YA!
95. Magical Girl or Witch? (5,589)
Which are YOU!?
96. Kancolle WAIFU (1,518)
97. Your kid and your waifu (1,319)
Who did you have a kid with!?
98. Spirit Stones Waifu (209)
99. Guilty Gear Waifu! (1,111)
only those who aren't officially paired, so no Dizzy or May for you!
100. Your One True Fighting Game Waifu (1,127)
Let's see who loves you!
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